Friday, August 24, 2012

It's MEEEEE Jaaaaackkkkkeeeeeeee

I have hijacked the BIG DOG's Bloggie today (just don't tell him okay!!) Everyone thinks those other two 'furballs' are so smart and handsome but let me tell you something - they are secret sun-puddler thieves - yes you heard it here! And I have the proof to show you!

Here I was enjoying a nice sun puddle out in the sun-room and along came those 'furballs' and pushed their way in - trying to steal my sun puddle!!!

WELL I wasn't having any of that - I rolled around and spread myself out, taking up as much as the sun-puddle as I could - which wasn't much cause I am kinda on the small side. They said they just wanted to be near their Mom but I know differently and you know what - I WON !!! Those furballs got all hot and over heated being in MY sun-puddle and they had to move on out of there - yeah one for the Jackeeeeeee! PPPPPPssssssss did you know I have a secret admirer - Mrs Woo Mom thinks I am adorable - and she is right!


  1. You may be small in size but BIG in determination. Way to stake your claim to the puddle.

  2. Sometimes a little dog just has to put a paw down! Otherwise the bigger dogs will walk all over you!

    Woofs n wags

  3. Well you ARE adorable Jackee.....and we won't tell anyone. You are the expert sun puddler in the family, and you deserve the best puddles to show your good work.

  4. Score 1 for the little guy - 0 for the furballs

  5. Way to go Jackee, us little guys need to have our way some, no most of the time. Looked like a relly good sun puddle.

    Susie & Bites

  6. Well done, I know what it's like having bigger guys pushing you around, Floyd is always trying to take stuff off me!

    Waggles, Dougall.

  7. We are so proud of you, Jackie!

    Do you mind sending us some sun puddles? It's pouring and the wind is howling right now over here and I'm so ready for some photo shootings and sister Rosie is so upset because we are stuck in the house.

  8. Mrs. Woo Mom here - you are not only adorable, Jackson, but you are very smart too. Phantom loves a good sunpuddle too, but I am not sure if he would share it:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. We agree with Reilly and Denny - sunpuddles in the summer are too hot for us too! Enjoy your sunpuddle while it lasts, Jackson!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  10. Protect your turf, wee little beast. Good job.


  11. Mrs Woo mom isn't your only admirer,Jackie! Our mom loves you,too!

    Bart and Ruby


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