Monday, January 10, 2011

It's only taken three weeks !

Don't be fooled, I don't like IT ! I just felt sorry for the little dude. It got very cold last night and even though he had his sweater on, he was still chilly so when he snuggled over next to me to 'borrow' some of my heat - I let him. NO WAY is this going to be a regular occurrence though as I still don't like IT but I guess IT is here to stay so I will just have to put up with IT. Oh, guess what else, it SNOWED here last night - we got about two inches and it is so funny to see Jackson out in it, he sinks right up to his tummy! We both enjoyed eating the snow though, it was yummy.

Now in other news Jackson has entered the blogging world so if you would like to see some of his adventures and LOTS more pictures of him then please go look at his page and maybe leave a few comments so he doesn't feel left out. His blog is His mom still has some fine tuning to do on his page yet but she has made a great start.



  1. How sweet you are to Jackson, Reilly! What a good big brother (even if you are still saying you don't like IT - I think IT is growing on you)!

  2. uh-oh...Jackson is really moving in on you! LOL In the first picture you look like you're barely tolerating he kinda grows on you though...

    I'll go over and visit IT's blog..but you're still my favorite.

  3. ...and is IT wearing a skull and cross bones on IT's sweater???

  4. You are very sweet to let Jackson snuggle next to you to stay warm, Reilly!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. The look on your face looks like mine when someone is touching me! I growl, and say 'stop touching me' but they don't! :)

  6. You two look really good together! Congrats on the snow - if you want more let us know - we have loads.
    Martha and Bailey xxx


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