Saturday, January 1, 2011

Start of a New Year

Happy New Year to every pup and their mom and dads. My mom started the new year off with something she hasn't done in over 12 months - she actually drove her car this morning! This is another step for mom to feeling "normal" again and it also means she will be able to take me to the park when she wants too. Mom has also been very busy trying to get a photo of me and Jackson together but seeing how I don't like IT near me, this has been no easy task. She did finally get some - with Dads help and some cookies. Do you like Jackson's new sweater? For some reason he doesn't have a nice warm coat like me so he has to wear a sweater to keep warm - what a WUZ! And do you see him jumping up to try and steal MY cookie from MY dad! As soon as I stop being scared of him (ummm I mean his sharp little teeth) I am going to have to teach this young whipper snapper a thing or two.



  1. Happy New Year to you Reilly and to your mom and dad too! So very glad to hear your mom keeps on getting better and that she is getting back to normal life! We wish you the best year ever to try to make up for 2010 (a year I bet you all would like to forget)!

    Jackson is cute in his sweater but I'm glad we Shelties don't need to wear one!

  2. Happy New Year Reilly to you and your humans.
    We wish you Joy, Peace & Health for the coming year and indeed for always.
    We are so happy to read that you mom drove her car - what an awesome start to the year.
    She has been through so much we just know that this is her on her way back!
    Much love
    Martha, Bailey & the Humans xxxxx

  3. ps we do like Jackson's sweater- he is matching with you in the black and white!

  4. Jackson's sweater looks very nice on him. We can't believe he had the nerve to try to snag your cookie, Reilly!
    Happy New Year to you and your mom and dad. We hope 2011 is a happy and healthy and safe year for you.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Well, Jackson is still cute...even in the sweater, but not as cute as YOU with that little tongue sticking out! You're going to have to explain the cookie rule to Jackson, as apparently he doesn't get it. Cookies for YOU first..then he can get his..right?

  6. Me and my Mum are so glad that your Mum is feeling better!

    My dorky brother Jet has to wear coats too. I have my own collie coat!


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