Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beach Pavilion ??

Mom, Dad and I went for a drive today to another State Park where we came across this "Beach Pavilion" which was built in 1923. Mom still finds it odd that they have "beaches" at lakes as beaches to her refer to sand and salt water. Can you see me sitting in front of it? It was a lovely park and we can't wait to go there again in Spring when it all lush and green. We were reading a plaque that was in front of the pavilion and it said the "Little Rock Symphony" played there in 1928. It must of been a small symphony as the building is not very big. There was also a cool wishing well at the park and when it has water in it again we hope to get some pictures of it.


  1. cool! Another park to explore! That building looks very interesting...did it have good smells?

  2. What a fun outing for you, Reilly! We love discovering great new spots too!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Neat place! Maybe the orchestra set up outside the pavilion because you're right - it looks too small to accommodate a symphony!

  4. That looks lovely Reilly, so glad to see you are all out and about - we do hope you take a picnic!
    We love picnics!!
    There are quite a few man made beaches in Scotland beside some of the popular Lochs.
    As you say it is not usual to find sand beside fresh water but it seems the humans like the sand - it does look pretty.
    1928 sounds like a long time ago! Did you all make a wish at the wishing well?
    Martha and Bailey xxx


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