Monday, November 28, 2011


Mom says something odd has happened to me lately. In my 4 and a half years I have NEVER shown any interest in getting up on or sleeping on the sofa but over the last few weeks I have developed a liking to it. Don't tell her - but here are the real reasons for this change.
1. I get to be close to my dad
2. When I stand up on the back of the sofa I can see out the big window
3. The 'wuzster' otherwise known as Denny hasn't figured out how to jump up the sofa so it gives me time away from him
4. I find lots of good crumbs in the cushions that my dad drops
5. I get to "butt change" the remote and put on my favorite shows
6. I get LOTS of cuddles from my dad when I jump up next to him.
7. My bones are not getting any younger and I now enjoy a bit of padding to rest them upon.
8. I get to smirk at Mom and say "see I love my Dad" - you are just okay!

PS - talking about looking our the big window - I just did and it's SNOWING !!!!!


  1. Some changes are good, aren't they, Reilly. Beckett and Tucker like to look out the window from our couch too. Tucker needs his Mom's help now to get up. Beckett doesn't need any help. Don't tell Denny but he learned to get up on the couch with the help of a foot stool at 12 weeks old.

  2. yep, that is what we use the our couch for as well. Looking out the window at the squirrels Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  3. Bailey is distressed to find that Katy is now enjoying couch life. She is jumping up to enjoy the couch with him and Dad and he is not crazy about this new adjustment.

    Enjoy your couch freedom while you can.

  4. We like snoozing on the couch next to our humans too... although we generally take up most of it leaving very little room for them!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  5. So jealous of your snow! Both my dogs love the chair (we don't have a couch). But, when Koira was a puppy, I had to teach her to get onto the couch herself by putting my hand on the back of her neck for her to brace against- and, even now at almost 4 and 42 pounds, she still has me brace the back of her neck to help her up on the couch, into the car, or anywhere else that she just can't seem to climb up herself.

  6. I know this sounds unfair but in our house only little Stewie sits on the sofa in our "Man room". I know, I know...but Stewie is little and gets cold in the winter so he cuddle nest to us to keep warm or gets a blanket too huddle under. Our Golden Annie was too big to fit and she did a lot of there is Tucker who is wondering what he will get to do. Up or not? Hhhhhmmmmm.

    Yes the view out a window opens up to what you can't see inside, like birds, people and other critters too.

  7. While we know the command, "off the couch" it is seldom used! HEHEHEHE!

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. We've had to rename the couch, "KATIE'S Couch" because she pretty much hogs it all the time!

  9. Our dogs have their own couch with a view, but they pretty much claim "our couch" as theirs as well.

  10. I am not allowed on the "fur" niture. Unless it is my futon in the work room. But then again, you are smaller than me and older than me, so I guess you deserve the soft high place. Enjoy!

    Doggy Kisses,

  11. You are so lucky, Reilly. We sure wish we were allowed on the sofa!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. OH Yea I love to cuddle with MOM on the couch, it's the best (although I get most of the couch.)

    One time when I got sprayed by a skunk late at night. MOM cleaned me best she could then she put a tarp on the couch then a soft old blanket so I could sleep inside. She slept on the other couch so I would not join her in her bed. Then in the morning I was off the to dog washer.

  13. I had to hide this post from Eva as she hasn't known about the beauty of couch yet!!!

  14. Reilly, I gotta tell you, you look fabulous on that couch. It's so good to cuddle up to the ones we love. Enjoy.

  15. Wow...the Huskies wish we had a winter wonderland here! I'm sensing a little jealousy...okay, they corrected me...envy. ;-) Enjoy your snow!

  16. Those sound like some pawsome good reasons. We really like the part about using your butt to change channel surf.

    Essex & Sherman


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