Saturday, November 26, 2011

Something is happening

Now as a new puppy to life where everything is still strange and unusual for me I have noticed something very odd. It seems to be getting COLD. Mommy says I am noticing this because I was a summer puppy. This "cold" thing is a new phenomenon to me an although I must admit I have been really enjoying sitting out on my (I mean Weilly's) deck lately - I am also noticing that first thing in the morning it makes my little footsies feel a bit funny. That is when I come running inside and snuggle up on my little bed. And you know what else - the grass is scrunchy !!! Mommy says it's because we have had some frosts in the morning lately and that makes the grass icy and cold.

You know, when you are 'new' to life there seems to be a lot of strange things that don't seem to make sense. Take this morning for instance. Daddy decided to clean up the yard and take some trash to the refuge center and do you know what he did - he took Weilly for a car ride with him and left me at home - boo hoo!!!!! Now admittedly I am scared about getting in the car and tend to run away and hide but once I am in the car I am fine - but do you think that is any reason to leave me home? Sure it would of meant 10 minutes of chasing me around the house but I would of loved that car ride once I got in it. Instead I had to stay home and be with the boring old Mommy.

I guess you are wondering how Mommy is doing too. She gets pretty frustrated some days as even the smallest tasks wear her out and leave her feeling dizzy, shaking and needing to lay down for an hour. And needless to say on top of it all the poor Mommy also got Daddy's flu. She didn't get it as bad as Dad but enough to make her spend a few days just sleeping in bed - the hardest thing for her though is the coughing. When you have a tummy full of stitches - the last thing you want to do is start coughing. Hopefully next Wednesday she will have all the stitches out and we will be able to start doing more again. Oh Mommy wanted to say a special thank you to Dawn and Katie (gawoof gawoof did you know Weilly is smitten over Miss Katie - he thinks she is soooo pretty) Dawn and Katie sent Mommy a get well card and it arrived when she was feeling really yucky and it helped cheer her up lots.


  1. Denny, you would gotten left behind in our house too. Sherman has yet to experience frost and cold. Essex has experienced it twice.

    Your Mum is in our prayers and thoughts.

    Essex, Sherman and Dog Dad

  2. Somedog had to stay home to take care of your mom, right?. It was you, as imple as that

  3. I remember the first time I saw snow. It was very strange. But now I love it! I make snow balls and toss them in the air and catch them.
    Hope your Mommy get better soon.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful Denny! It's awful being left behind, I know. But, your time is coming! You will get to go everywhere you want. I'm sure mommy and daddy are just waiting until you are a little older. I'm so happy mommy is on the mend. It's been a long time coming. Stay warm!

  5. Tucker knows how you feel. He wasn't able to go on the walks that Stewie did because he didn't have all his shots. Now he can! no fun. You have it right to cuddle by the fireplace.

    So glad your mommy is feeling way better!

  6. Oh no I hope your mom feels better soon. That coughing would be terrible.

  7. Ooooo Denny you just wait- it gets much stranger! I hope your Mommy feels better soon soon!

  8. I was surprised by my first really cold weather as a puppy too Denny. But I like it now! Sorry that your mom got the flu too - that is the last thing she needs! Hope she gets over it really fast!

  9. Oh Denny that was just not fair to get left behind. But maybe it was so that you could watch out for your Mom with her feeling poorly.

    As far as winter goes wait till you see snow. That white stuff is pawsome!

    I gots my paws crossed that she feels lots better real soon!

    woos, Tessa

  10. Denny, we are feeling that cold frosty grass here too, and you know that we snow dogs love the cold. Bring on the snow.

    Poor Mom, hope your household has some good luck pixie dust sprinkled on it right now. She needs to feel better!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Sometimes it's more fun to stay home. Katie says that sometimes cars take you to scary places...and sometimes to fun just never know! Plus you got one on one time with Mom!

  12. Hey Denny, you are gonna LOVE the snow when it comes. That is the best New Thing ever.

    I was a little scared when I came out side the first time it snowed. But it doesn't take long to learn just how much fun the stuff can be.

    We are still worried for your human. Getting the flu after surgery is nothing to laugh about, that is for sure.

    You tell her to keep resting and not to rush.....and don't you worry, she will be up and walking with you sooner than you think.


  13. Oh Denny, I'm sure you will love to play in the cold soft white stuff with your big brother before you know it. Just remember that you've to stay warm all the time too.

    Paws and fingers are crossed for your mom for a speedy recovery. Cold and flu is always nasty, please take care of your mom and dad.

  14. Mitch always gets to go for rides and I stay home with boring old mom too, Denny, so I totally understand!
    Boy, your mom sure didn't need the flu too! We hope she feels better soon.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Time for mom to get better. I will double up my Mango vibes for sure.

    As for getting left behind. Sadly, my friend this is the reality of having a brother. The humans will claim that they play fair, but at the end of the day, it's all about YOU, right?


  16. yep...our little feets are sensitive to change...sorry you felt a little left behind...maybe your job is to make momma feel better....that's very important!

    I found you through Bailey...following you now...check out my snowy pics when we went tree hunting! talk about cold paws!

  17. Our boys are thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather!

    We hope your Mom will soon feel better!


  18. Denny, tell your Mom to hold a pillow really tight against her surgery place. That'll help her when she coughs! Don't ask me. I'm just saying...

    Aroooo, Stuart


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