Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We have a winner !!!! And other news !!!

Woo hooooo - I went across to Random.Org and let it choose our winner and it was - drum roll please.........number 21 which was

21. Katie, Maizey and Magnus

Congratulations ! If you can contact me with your mailing address I will get your prizes in the mail ASAP. Email me at cowspotdog@mail.com

Thank you to every doggie and other that entered - we loved reading your posts and seeing how you got your names. There was so much thought that went into them and of coarse every doggie and other ended up with the PERFECT name. We will be be having another giveaway soon so keep visiting.

My (okay and the Moms) new bloggie "Wipe Your Paws" is featured on "Pet Blogs United" today so call on by and have a read. This is a great place and they are always happy to have new members. We have also had our first sales and made donations to the ASPCA and the Elephant Sanctuary - how cool is that !



  1. Congratulations to Katie, Maizey and Magnus!!

    Very cool post on Pet Blogs United! Congrats on your first sales!

  2. Wow! How cool! I'm totally excited to win, thanks Reilly and Bree!!! I will email you my address. Thanks for letting us share our stories with you!

    The coolest thing is you are donating to the elephant sanctuary. Next to dogs elephants are my favorite animal. It's very awesome that you share your wealth with such wonderful animals.

    Thanks again!!!

  3. By the way, the new blog is awesome! So many cute things to choose from! Thanks again!

  4. Congrats to the Katie, Maizey, and Magnus. I loved reading the stories.

  5. Congrats K,M and M!!! Off to check out the PBU post!

  6. Congratulations to Katie, Maizey and Magnus!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Hooray for your winners!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Congrats!!! That is an awesome prize!

  9. Very cool Reilly! Congratulations to Katie, Maizey and Magnus!!!

    Glad your Mom's blog had a sale too! :)

    PS: Katie was playing with the big rabbit this evening...the one you sent to her...she's so funny...it's almost as big as she is! She loves it though...thanks Reilly!


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