Monday, April 18, 2011

Entries in our giveaway - closing today to be quick

Thank you to EVERY PUP and OTHER who entered my giveaway. We have LOVED reading how you all got your names. Here are all the entries so far and you still have a couple of hours to enter if you haven't already.

PS This was meant to be drawn at 12.00 midday today but I noticed on some of the blogs I visited where buddies had mentioned the giveaway they had put 12.00 midnight, so to be fair to everyone I will draw it tomorrow.

Here is all the entries so far

1. Sawyer

2. The Thundering Herd

3. Catalina

4. Anna

5. Lincoln

6. Eva

7. Branson

8. Maggie & Mitch

9. Oskar

10. Fenris, Scylla, Artemisia, Socks

11. Amber

12. Katie

13. Sally

14. Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

15. Rugby

16. Trudy

17. Brody

18. Asta

19. Mango

20. Channon

21. Katie, Maizey and Magnus

22. Bailey and Katie



  1. I put a link for Bailey and Katy yesterday the post was Dog Names, but they do not seem to have made the list.

  2. The stories were FABULOUS!!!
    That's a lot of entries!
    Good Job everyone!!!

  3. I thought I put Maizey and Meeka's stories too, but I don't see them with Magnus' name. Can I share them too? If not, sorry!! But I'll leave the links just in case.:))

    Very cool contest!! We are loving it!



  4. A lot of good name stories. Things have been busy here. Siblings calling about various problems, tax time, work keeping me busy and trying to organize stuff around the house.


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