Sunday, April 24, 2011


Can you believe my Mom and Dad ABANDONED me for the weekend. Can you guess where they went *hint* it is the home of the Blue Angels. While they were off seeing the sights I was left at home with "she who is never seen" (dad's daughter) and "IT" (Jackson) Mom had been mumbling something about missing the smell of salt air and sand between her toes and dad had promised when she was well enough he would take her "THERE". They said they don't allow doggies "THERE". What kind of place doesn't allow doggies ???? A BAD BAD place I say.

Mom has promised me though that the next time they go away they are taking me with them because she missed me soooo much. And I guess I can't complain too much as she did bring me back some treats. Oh the place where the Blue Angels home base is - is also where my dad did his flight training when he joined the Navy. He got to see lots of places that he remembered that were BM & BR (before Mom and before Reilly)



  1. We are sorry you got left behind. Mom and Dad invited family over for Easter. Everyone was paying attention to Katy because she ignored them and kept doing laps around the hallways. They were so excited when all she did was touch their hands. I was entertaining, cute, and attentive and all she had to do was ignore them.

    -Bailey & Katy

  2. I am sure you really missed your mom Reilly but I am so glad she got to go away on a little vacation with your dad!!

  3. I'm so glad that your mom remembered to bring back some treats for you, I'm sure she missed you a lot while she wasn't at home but I understand that she does need some breaks on and off!

  4. Is the Blue Angels down here by me?? You could have stayed with me!!!

    I see a birds, blue planes...hmmm...

  5. Mommy guesses Pensacola! That is were my human daddy did his flight training too, and where he and mommy met! I have never been there, but hope to one day! Can't believe they left you at home!


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