Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doing fine

Mom has her surgery yesterday and it went okay. She is on bed rest for the next three weeks but if this 'plug' thing works she will be able to start drinking and eating again. It will be a slow process, clear liquids, then soft foods and there is lots of things she will never be able to have again, but she is so looking forward to being able to have a cup of tea again and some watermelon. I like that too so I will be happy to taste test it for her.

In other news, I seem to have an allergy to something and it is making my nose and face very itchy. I have been driving the mom crazy with my scratching. Dad has bought some allergy shampoo so we are going to try that and see if it helps - if anyone has some other ideas on how to ease it, we would love to hear about them. It is only my face that is itchy so we need to be careful because of my eyes.



  1. Im so happy everything went well. You could try giving benadryl (ask you vet first) thats what I give my dogs if they start itching. Diana

  2. Hurray for your mom! Glad to know the surgery went well! I love watermelon too so we will all have some when your mom is well enough!

    Are you allergic to grass? I have heard that many Shelties are but I don't know what you can do. Benadryl? Maybe your vet could tell you how much you could take.

  3. Goodness, your poor mom must be fading away Reilly.
    We are glad the op went well - tell her melted chocolate is the best!
    Sorry to hear about your allergy Reilly - hopefully other bloggers can suggest a remedy.
    Martha used to itch and itch when we first got her and the vet suggested an antiallergenic food which we now both eat.
    That might be a bit drastic and your mom knows what you have been eating!
    Hope you get the itchies stopped soon there is really nothing worse.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  4. Essex had an itchy spot on her face once and Dog Dad put socks on her paws.

    Essex & Deacon

  5. Hi!

    Glad you Mom is home again, but bed rest for THREE weeks? That's a long time! I hope it goes perfectly!!

    When Bonnie, our previous Sheltie, had allergies the vet told us to use baby beneydryl and that helped. Have your Dad check with your vet to see if they'd recommend it for you.

  6. We can't wait to see a picture of your mom in the yard with you sipping tea and eating watermelon, Riley! We wish her a speedy recovery!
    We have heard that neem shampoo works for the itchies but we have never tried it before. We hope someone can help you out!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. So how are you doing Reilly? Should we start worrying about you now? Is your face less itchy? I hope you're feeling better along with your Mom!

    Katie sends kisses, but not if whatever makes you itch is contagious! LOL!

  8. Hope your mom is continuing to recover!

    Our baths are with oatmeal shampoo - a trick learned years ago when we had a dog allergic to many things.


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