Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Snippets #6

Snippet 1 - We were so happy to be able to share the Sojos - we sent out 8 boxes of it on Wednesday so they should be arriving this coming week. We still have some more to share so keep watching.

Snippet 2 - Some of you were worried about me being in pain with the arthritis - well being the stoic old dude I am - I would never let on....but yes I do have some pain medication I take every morning and evening and it helps a lot. Mom says she is going to take me for some more cold laser treatments which I totally loved and that will help too. Even though I don't let on when I am pain - Mom knows and is ever watchful.

Snippet 3 - Mom is half way through the next rug already - or coarse she couldn't do it without my dogervising - Can you guess what it is?

Snippet 4 - We have a swallow/swifts nest right by our front door, it is unfortunately too high to see into but we found all the shells yesterday and figured the babies must have hatched. Can you believe the cheeky buggers dive bomb us every time we go out the front door. Luckily we don't go out that way very often but really - after I LET them use MY porch!

Snippet 5 - Mom and I are super happy as it is Saturn Peach time. Have you tried these......Mom and I wait all year for them as they are so sweet and juicy. Sadly they are only ever available for a few weeks :( Mom, Dad and I also went to Farmers Market yesterday and we had such fun - especially as the 'dog cookie lady' was there and she gave me free samples!  Cheddar and Bacon bites - those were totally delish! She thought it was so cute when I put my front feet up on the table and pushed the treat jar with my nose - it worked - she gave me another one!!!  Dweeb of coarse - doesn't go to the farmers market as he would be trembling shaking terrified bundle of nerves if he saw all the people - but Mom bought ME him home a bag of cookies.


  1. OMD dive bombing swallows? We I never. Happy Farther's day to your daddy and have a lovely serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I cross my paws that the cold laser treatments will help you to hold the pains down. Will your mom make a rug with roos? or with dinosaurs? The colors are super great!
    We love the saturn peaches too and we are waiting for the guy from turkey who has still the best fruits! Have a great daddy-sunday!

  3. Love the rug.

    Great work at the market getting an extra cookie!

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  4. Peach time already? Seems like we barely are finished with snow blowing! They look yummy. I know there are local peaches in AL that are just heavenly...I don't get them very often, never there at the right time, but had them once with my Mom many years ago. Great memories. You are SO CUTE at the farmers market. Nice to have that one on one time with your Mom isn't it!

  5. Glad you scored some treats at the farmer's market! You a smart one Mr. Reilly!

    Baby birds are so much fun! I think they made the right choice in using your house.

  6. We have barn swallows nesting in our barn. The parents stay busy all day making it higher - we guess so the babies won't fall out once they're hatched.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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