Friday, March 6, 2009

Just been quiet

We haven't really been doing much of late and hopefully we have seen the last of the heavy snows and spring will be just around the corner. I can hardly wait, I so miss going to the parks. Mom was bored the other day and made this postcard of who else but me! She printed them out on some special post card backing so they look just like a real postcard.

Dawn and Katie asked where we got the postcard backs - mom buys them on Ebay - you can see them here or if you do a search on Google you will find them to0. Search on self-adhesive postcard backs or sticky postcard backs.

I know a few people have mentioned about making their own agility equipment, here are some of the websites we found useful. We made all of ourt equipment and it cost less then $60 to make jumps, weave poles, chute, hoop etc.


  1. Very cool postcard Reilly. I don't know how to do that..or where to buy postcard stock! Maybe you could ask your Mom to tell me how and where? And tell her thanks for the websites for agility stuff. Hopefully I can get Katie's dad to make some for her this spring!

  2. Reilly - we love the work your mom did. You look absolutely beautiful. We're glad the weather might be breaking too. Looking forward to warmer days.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  3. Reilly - your postcard is awesome! We love the photos your mom chose to put on it!

  4. You look really good on the postcard! Thanks for the agility links too.

  5. Pawsome post card. We would have titled it cow spot dog and then made a story about it. The kind of story they make about Jackalopes.

    Essex & Deacon


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