Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sun, fresh air !

Yesterday it reached 73 and today 71. It has just been wonderful. This morning the mom was feeling good so off we went over to my little buddy Franklin's house. There he was waiting on the steps for me and then his mom and my mom, Franklin and me, we all set off on a walk. Dog oh dog, it felt so good to be enjoying the warm weather. We took Franklin a way he hadn't been before so of coarse he had to stop ever two feet for a sniff. We met a little min-pin called Toby and then a standard poodle and you will never guess what his name was - Toby!!!! We did think a little rude when he just stepped over Franklin - sure the little dude is short but a dog doesn't have to rub it in! We are already seeing lots of green shoots in the grass and the air seems full of birds all twittering. This afternoon, the mom and I have just been sitting outside enjoying the weather. And the best part is more people are out walking and they all have to come by my yard so I get to bark like crazy and say hello to everyone. Ah, spring......makes a dog feel good!


  1. Spring...it's a wonderful thing! I truly believe those people that don't have winters like we do can't possibly appreciate spring the way we do!

  2. We're thrilled that Spring is here! What a long, cold, icy winter it was!

  3. Yeah spring for you too! Hiroo again Franklin. My mum was gonna get a standard poodle instead of me. Glad she didn't!
    ~lickies, Ludo


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