Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do you think I got it wrong?

MOMMMMMMM are you out there somewhere? You have gone missing AGAIN - I haven't seen you in two whole days - you never said where you were going, you didn't ask if "other" Mommie would look after me,.....HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME - HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE ME ???

It all started when my Mom got a new boyfriend and ever since HE came on the scene I have been completely neglected by her. She never takes me anywhere, never takes me walkies or the pet store anymore and never cares for me. SHE just wants ME to cuddle HER when she is here and the rest of the time forgets about me and look at me - I am so darn cute how could anyone neglect me?.

Other Mommy (Reilly and Denny's Mom) - she gives me baths, clips my toenails, soothes me when I have the weezes, cuddles me, takes me for walkies, feeds me, buys my food and favorite treats....do you think that makes her MY REAL MOM - can you adopt me too please 'other Mommy?

Reilly says he is sorry he hasn't been visiting much lately - he has been busy taking care of his Mom and she has been busy taking care of him and both of them are taking care of Denny and all of them are taking care of ME!


  1. Ah heck, I am sorry you are feeling a bit neglected. But yeah for you human. Them boy friends are good stuff. When the newness weras off they come in real handy, let me tell you.

    And Yeah.....I can finally get your blog again. for the longest time I was not able to pull it up. Don't know what happened, but I am happy again.


  2. Oh that face! I'll be your momma :)

    Well, I think that having two mommies is much better than having one! Twice the love.

  3. Aw, look at how cute you are! I am sure Momma will be back real soon!

  4. Jackson, you know our Mom has loved you from way back when we first met you. So if Other Momma says no, maybe you could come here. But you know you really are pretty lucky to have two moms.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Hummmmm. My MOM's boyfriend is a super guy. They were friends for a long while first. So he knew how it was around here. I am MOM's first priority. He is A-OK with that and he loves me a lot too and knows I come first. I hope your mom returns to her senses. I am glad your second mom is there for you.

  6. Well, there certainly is a lot of taking care of going on over there. It must be hard playing second fiddle to a boyfriend but having two Mommies means you have a backup! I sure hope your sad face worked to give your Momma a guilt trip. :)

  7. Aww... I'm sure your mummy wuvs you, she's just found new love. :)

  8. Poor Jackson - good thing you have your other mommy to look after you! Give you mom a break - she is in love! :)

  9. You are a lucky boy, Jackson. You have 2 mommies that love you! One of them is just more preoccupied at the moment but she still loves you!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  10. Hi Jackson! Your 1st Mommy owes you lots of dog treats to make up for the neglected time! Make sure you play up your sad puppy face look -- so she gives you twice the number of treats! OK

  11. Well it is nice that you are all looking out for each other. That is what friends are for,
    Sweet William The Scot


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