Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thoughful on Thursday

We follow a couple of dog groups online and yesterday were saddened and shocked to read the attack on a lady who mentioned she had some shelties pups for sale (on a specific sheltie group). The pups are pedigree, AKC registered,  totally beautiful and obviously extremely well cared for and she has done everything a good breeder would do for getting them ready for their new forever homes. BUT people pounced on her requiring ever little detail about them be explained to the point of being rude and obnoxious and it was nothing more than THEM being breed and pedigree SNOBS.

The plain simple fact is the VAST MAJORITY of people in these groups will NEVER show or breed their dogs - and the dogs they buy will ONLY ever be pets and so to require such information is RIDICULOUS.   YES - we acknowledge that maintaining breed standards is important but the plain simple fact is that no matter what amazing show pedigree the dogs have on average breeders are lucky to get 1 or 2 pups out of a litter who are 'perfect' to breed standards. What would these breed snobs have done with the rest?  We know this first hand - being white - that we  TOTALLY do not meet not breed standards and there was a point in time when white shelties were killed at birth because we were 'not good enough' to be show quality - with little regard being given to what pawsome pets we would make.

The other thing these 'snobs' forget is that all breeds started off as 'one' thing and over years and years of breeding have changed. Dobermans were once only accepted if they were black and tan - now there are liver colored ones and many breeds had changed in such ways. Equally many breeds started out as one size and over the years and years have become smaller - such a poodles who went from standard (large) to miniature (medium) to toy (tiny).  Change happens all the time, standards change and the whims of what people like and don't like change so although not not every pup will grow up to be a 'perfect' show or pedigree dog (only about 2% do) - we do know EVERY pup  will grow up to be the PERFECT pet for a loving family if given the chance.
The perfect unperfect pair and proud of it :)


  1. But you guys are perfect!
    Can you believe that I too fail the breed standard test, on at least two counts (too tall and tail too long and curly) but of course we know I am perfect too.
    Some humans are very silly (and that's being kind).
    Toodle pip!
    PS from Gail - if only all humans would remember that dog breeds are an artificial construct and, as you have noted, change with time.

  2. I finks Reilly and Denny are just pawfect. Two very handsome fellas, I totally agree with Mom!
    We had the perfect Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Mia, she should have been a show dog but became our pet instead. Poor mite suffered all sorts of medical issues due mainly to her 'perfections' How can that be right?
    Loves and licky kisses
    The not so perfect
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. thanks for a great post, I agree with you. Please give that woman a big hug from me, if you will"meet" her online.
    I avoid groups or forums,since I learnt that even a simple question leads to an online-war :o(

  4. You two look pawfect to us! We sort of understand this cuz some peoples think it is terrible that we are a "designer breed" and not rescue dogs. Hoomans would never make very good dogs. They couldn't meet our standards. It's a good thing we are an accepting species.

    Your Brothers,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. I can't speak for all, but it is becoming more common those who don't show or professionally breed to have the dogs neutered and spayed, so the issues with those dogs spreading the unwanted genes becomes less of a problem.

    I respect the idea that people want to maintain the purity of the breed, but there are also issues with genetics arising from too much interbreeding as people try to keep the breed pure.

    I hope those Shelties find warm loving homes. While up to this point we've dealt primarily with rescues, I've always said if we couldn't find a rescue dog when we wanted one I'd consider going with a reputable breeder.

    Bailey is one of the largest Shelties I've ever seen, but I can't imagine life without him. He is the only of the two rescues we have that actually has his papers that certify his breeding credentials. Nature has a way of hiccuping from time to time and he is larger than the standards prescribe. Since we have never had any intentions of showing him its never been a problem other than the confusion when people think he's a collie that never grew to full size. He's been an amazing gift not only to our family but to a number of people he's met over the years he's lived with us.

    Health would be a much bigger concern to me in the long run. A sick pup can be a tragedy waiting to happen. A pup with odd colors or in Bailey's case oversized paws that indicated he was going to be bigger than the average Sheltie were not a crisis waiting to happen to the Sheltie world.

    So, the snobs can stick that in their standards and eat it.

  6. Another example of people ignorance, sigh! I have had several friends who wanted specific breeds as pets, and happily adopted one of the 98% that wasn't "perfect" and have had great companions.

  7. It is sad that we live in that kind of world, I am sure these little pups were just beautiful. Heck, we couldn't even be sold cos we three had so many issues, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Thank goodness our mom didn't care.
    Stella Rose

  8. You would think it is a crime to buy a pedigree dog these days. I have had a number of comments along the lines of 'couldn't you have rescued a chihuahua'. I did try and looked for some when I wanted my dogs but there were just no rescue chis in the UK to be had and so I did the next best thing and went to a good, responsible breeder.

  9. We so agree and no room for snobs in our world. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. For some reason some people think that social media gives them the right to be as rude as they want to be. Most people want a good pet, not a show dog.
    They all need good loving homes no matter where they come from. None of my pugs have met "standard" - I don't care, I just want them to be happy and healthy
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. Although, we like breeders who question prospective owners, to be sure the pups are going to a good home.....not a puppy farm or something. Sometimes they overdo it.

    We've noticed here most scottie breeders state which pups will be pets and de-sexed before going to a new home. Bella came with her stitches in. She was kept as pick of the litter, but as she's grown, there are several faults.

    Some breeders don't want to know where their pups end up.

  12. You two are perfect to us, but you gave every reason there is to not breed animals. Sorry. Love Dolly

  13. While you two are just pawfect, some of those online groups do present some questionable breeders. I really think if you must breed (at least here in the uk where there is a really bad rescue situation :( ) then you must breed to the best of the dogs ability, healthy dogs, who have been health teated and come from hopefully proven parents... Which in this country usually means proven, either in showing, or some dog activity.

    Most dogs make wonderful pets, but there are a lot out there already, sadly. I'm a bit conflicted.

  14. It's sad that breed standards cause health issues. I'm just a pet owner but I don't understand why the breed standards have to be so narrowly defined. Like why do Shelties need tipped ears? I've only had one whose ears tipped naturally and they broke too low.

  15. This was a wonderful post guys. I am glad I missed the ranting (if it was on Facebook).
    I also was sold because I "didn't meet breed standards." My breeder was also a veterinarian.
    I am technically a "mottled sable Sheltie" but I also have a show dog pedigree (my parents were show dogs) and I am also AKC. But...I couldn't be shown, I think I am also larger than the norm too.
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  16. They may be unperfect...but they gots love, a forever home, and a Mom who loves them and they love her, thats all that matters.

    We may be AKC, but we don't care, its' fun being unperfect!

    The Mad Scots

  17. I think you both are just perfect. Im not perfect either but still love to be loved!


  18. We think you guys are beyond perfect!! Of course, we think all dogs are matter their "purity". It's the humans that have issues!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  19. We too are a perfect, unperfect pair and mom says she wouldn't want us any other way!
    Wally & Sammy

  20. I can't imagine anyone thinking you two are anything other than PERFECT! ♥

  21. Ah yes the forum peeps can be super knowledgeable...on everything but manners..and yes my sisterhas a gorgeous white german shepherd who would have been killed according to the same breed standards..sometimes forums are best left alone :) loves Fozziemum xx

  22. We feel very bad for this poor lady. Snobbery is totally unnecessary! Well said, Reilly and Denny!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  23. I'm always so sad that internet trolls feel the need to crush folks. The horse community can be very very vicious, finding fault in just about everything everyone else does. Instead of being supportive and enjoying someone's happy moment, they seem to try to crush them.

    Monty and Harlow

  24. We got Katie because she wasn't perfect for showing, though I never until this week knew what wasn't perfect. Breeder said she thought Katie was going to be too small. Turns out not to be the case! HA!

  25. People in the dog world can be so opinionated and downright rude. Everyone is an "expert" these days.

    I find the rescue groups to be just as bad as the breeders. Everyone looks down on everyone else, when its really no one else's business. Its just wrong.

  26. This is why we never went into the show world. I'm a perfect example of my breed, but Mom can't stand all that stuff that goes down with people showing dogs. Bailie is not perfect, and we love her to death. We chose to do sports our breed is suited for to "show off" our breed. No dogs shows for us. I did go to one last year just to help the club with numbers and it was just nasty.

  27. Those snobby humans dont deserve dogs. Dogs are living breathing wonderful animals. We think those snobby humans should go into Coin Collecting where they can find coins in mint condition if they are looking for things that are perfect.

  28. *Applause* You speak the truth! I got in a conversation on Pinterest with someone bashing my collie breeder as being a "puppy mill." I tried to convince this "snob" that couldn't be farther from the truth about my collie breeders careful, AKC registered breeding program which I have personally visited many, many times. There was no reasoning with the snob because if the dogs weren't being bred as perfect show dogs (my collie breeder strives for excellence in classic farm collie character and work ethic over show ring looks) then the breeder was a "puppy mill." I ended up just blocking this crazy snob on Pinterest (by the way, the conversation started with the snob telling me how gorgeous my collie is and turned into a "good thing he isn't from that puppy mill breeder." Her tone changed as soon as I told the snob he is from that breeder! Crazy.) There is just so much wrong with 1) forcing conformation to outdated and often impossible breed standards 2) using the term "puppy mill" to refer to a breeder you simply don't like. I have three "wrong" dogs according to the AKC. But all three came from responsible breeders. And they are the best companions anyone could ever wish for. Go figure. :)

  29. This is a very important post. Breed standards are what we make them. If humans want toys they breed the smallest to the smallest till a teacup can become standard. My grandmother had a show German Shepherd won many ribbons and it did not have a back end that sloped to the ground. Why humans want what they want makes no common thought to me.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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