Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Denny Update

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. We have been been trying quite a few of Cesare Milan's tips for working with stressful dogs - that help a little but not a lot - obviously I am not a dog whisperer or have his magic touch :(

Thank you Sara for mentioning that book...I did get it awhile ago and it is excellent. I have read through it twice and have been using that as my guidelines. I also found another great book on understanding dog psychology and that also helped a lot.

We are just back from the vets and after MUCH discussion we are going to give Denny "Clomicalm" - just a half dose of the medication (based on his size) to see if it helps...he has a sensitive tummy so we thought we would try a half dose and work up to a full dose if he can tolerate it. We are not expecting miracles but if they help him be just a little less scared of everything we will be happy. Thankfully - as you can see in the photo - he liked the taste of the tablet. We will give an update in a couple of weeks.

[Note from Reilly]
We are sorry we haven't got around to everyone's bloggies the last few days - can you believe Mom & Dad went off to a place called "Little Rock" and left us home to guard the house! "IT'S" Mom was here so NO we weren't alone but it was still a big job for us. You can see some of Mom and Dad's adventure on Mom's bloggie http://farawaygaze.blogspot.com/ although why you want to I don't know - considering we are not in ANY of the photos!!!!!


  1. We think Reilly should sneak behind the Wuzster, er Denny, when everything is quiet. Then he pounce and bark at the Wuzster, er Denny. If that doesn't cure him, we are not sure what will cure him.

    Essex & Sherman

  2. Poor little chap. It isn't easy to be so stressy all the time. I don't really have any advice. Is he braver with Rielly around? I know that once a dog is scared of something, that response tends to imprint. My Mango suddenly became terrified of my parent's house and there was nothing I could do to get him to go inside. Even with Raja there beckoning to him he would not go in. Good wishes. Keep up posted.

    Mango Momma

  3. Keeping paws crossed! He is still young so hopefully he will "outgrow" his nervousness!


  4. I love the photo of Denny in the last post! I am sorry that Denny is still so fearful. I wish I knew the answer that would help him. Good luck trying the medicine. Fingers crossed that is makes a difference for him!

  5. I am kind of a "nervous Nellie" myself so I can sympathize. Mommy does give me calming chews she got from the vet that help sometimes.

    Loveys Sasha

  6. We hope the clomicalm helps you, Denny.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  7. I really hope that the meds will help sweet Denny out. You are a good mommy to him.

  8. I will be crossing my fingers that the Clomicalm helps a bit.

  9. Good luck at the Dogtor Denny. Maybe you is just going through your sensitive adolescent stage. I has read some books call it a second puppy hood. Could you find a good, small class size APDT registered school? That helped me tonnes with confidence. You know Mum does not really like a whole lot of CM's methods but maybe some stuff might help. I hope so.

    from mum:
    What really helped Ludo was letting him do brave little brave things by himself. He used to be scared of gates and bridges but I used to really go nuts with praise and reward if he made any signs of being brave and now they're his favourite thing ever! Remember a lot of shelties can be really nervy and maybe you just think Denny is more unusual cos Reilly is so brave?
    ~lickies, Ludo

  10. Poor little boy! I hope he will get over his stressy problems as soon as possible and be brave and play with his brothers.

  11. I hope that works out for Denny! I sure hope it's something he will out grow. :)


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