Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A sad tale to tell

Ellllooooooo it is me Denneeeeeeee.  Come closer .....I have something terrible - simply terrible share.  It was MY birthday on the 18th of April - MY very first birthday, the only first birthday I will ever ever have - and no-one remembered.  Sure, I have heard the excuses........

[MOM] Denny - Mommy is sorry sweet baby boy - but you know we were all off in Australia at the time and we were having so much fun, you were seeing so many new things and exploring so much.  
[DENNY] Yeah Mommy and what!!! You could find the time to get me a cake -they have them in Australia you know...... and wish me a happy birthday???
[MOM] well  you forgot too Denny!
[DENNY] Reeeeeeeally Mom - are you saying I SHOULD have remembered my own birthday - that is YOUR job - a decent Mommy would of remembered
[MOM] Glares at Denny - Well Dad didn't remember either!
[DENNY] Well Dad doesn't even remember my name yet - did you really expect him to remember my birthday, he doesn't even remember yours!
[MOM] I am sorry Denny, how about we go to the pet store and the park!
[DENNY] I am scared of the pet store and the park Mom - did you FORGET that too!
[MOM] Well we are going anyway - Mr GRUMPY!

So off we went to the pet store and Weilly got his itchy back scratched all over - he loved it and he got treats. I was hiding behind Moms legs the whole time which is why you can't see me. Great birthday treat Mommy - told you I am scared of the pet store!


Then we went to the park and .....okay I admit it was nice. Mom took us around the lake and through the trees. There wasn't many people there even though it was a beautiful day....... so I was happy.  And then I found this thing that smelled sooooo interesting -
[DENNY] "Can I take it home Mom?"
[MOM] ....."Eeeeewwww Denny - leave that alone, it's a dead squirrel!"
[DENNY] But MOM! it smells so good and I want to roll on it!!!

Needless to say MOMMY wouldn't let me have it and I can see no good reason why not!  She DRAGGED us away from it and we went off and did some more exploring. I REALLY REALLY wanted to go back and get that squirrel thing though.

We then came across some BIG rocks we had never seen before and I have decided to call them Dennyhenge because there is a big circle of them. See I staked my claim on them. I am king of the castle and Weilly's the dirty rascal!!!! It was nice in the shady wood area, Weilly was quite happy to just veg in the vegetation.


On the way back from the woods we saw this big scary thing in an open area of the park.
[DENNY] what's that Mommy? 
[MOM] it's a tent Denny - an event tent for celebrations 
[DENNY] this for MY birthday Mommy?
[MOM] no Denny
[DENNY] why not MOMMY - you did forget after all
[MOM] Because your birthday is past now
[DENNY} And who's fault is that......

And so the conversation went on all the way back to the car with Mom wondering if Denny will ever make it to 2 years old!!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Handsome Beautiful Denny Boy


  1. Happy Birthday Denny! Looks like a wonderful day (even if a bit late).

  2. Happy Birthday, Denny! I'm sure your mom and Reilly are secretly planning a huge belated birthday bash for you with cake and ice cream and balloons!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Happy Birthday Denny. It doesn't matter if it is past, you can always have a belated one.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Denny!!! Whether you celebrated or not, you still had a birthday you know. Now you are on your way to TWO!

  5. Awww... Happy Birthday Denny! Maybe your mom and dad can make up for missing your birthday on your gotcha day!

  6. Happy belated birthday!!!! Now, you know they had better make it for it next year! :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Denny - Two is a very special year. Mom can't WAIT for Lightning to be two.

    We think your Mom tried very hard to make it up to you. Maybe you can still get some special treats.

    Woos- Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Awe! Happy belated Birthday Denny! Just think your Momma will really have to make up for it next year on birthday number two!

  9. Happy Birthday Denny! To celebrate or not isn't a big deal as long as there are treats, walkies, cuddles and kisses all the time. I think you had one eventful day after all.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Denny!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  11. Happy Birthday Denny. If I had known I would have made you a cake and shipped it to you, even if you were in the Land Down Under. I bet your 2nd birthday will be a HUGE event.

  12. I am a bit late, but happy birthday Denny! Glad you enjoyed the park :)

  13. THAT'S JUST AWFUL!'s what you do. Just look at your peeps really, really sadly for a looooong time. A lot. Do it all the time. Work it baby! Trust me on this. I try to work everything as much as I possibly can. All the time.

    Aroooo Barkday Rooos to YOU! Stu

  14. Awwwww Denny! You can make them people pay big time you that you've got something on them. Next time you dig up your Mom's herb pots you can just blame it on the missed birthday. Next time you steal Dad's socks and hide them in the yard you can just blame it on...well you get the idea...

  15. darn it, I am late too. Happy Late Birthday.

  16. Awww...happy late B'day!! Maybe to make it up mom will go back and get that LOVELY squirrel carcass for you as a suprise!?!?! That must be it!! :)

  17. Happy birthday Denny. Mom's sometimes forgot these things but you can't fault them, they have a lot on their minds. She loves you just as much as ever, don't ever forget that.


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