Friday, May 11, 2012

Dog Tired!

We had the biggest surprise yesterday, Mom packed us all in the car and off we went for the WHOLE day on an adventure. It took an hour to get where we were going - a new park! It was called the Davidson Historical Park and was the site of a strange and mysterious town. Seems all the people of the town just "disappeared" - this happened over 100 years ago so no-one is really sure what happened. It could of been Indians, a Plague or UFO's! All they know is the people just seemed to have left. No bodies or skellie-bobs were ever found and the houses hadn't been burnt (like they normally do if there is a plague). It was a really pretty town at one time and so well set out, and 'dog oh dog' what a gorgeous place it was built on. Right next to river, high enough not to be flooded and surrounded by trees.

Anyway - we arrived at the park and went for a looooooong walk, following the different walking trails and it was BOOTI-FUL ! So peaceful and quiet and best of all - we the only ones there!

"It" and It's Mom also came with us and you can see one of the many cool bridges we came across. We walked and walked and while Mom enjoyed all the fresh air and listening to the birds - we SNIFFED and left pee-mail EVERYWHERE!! We even got to chase some of those pesky squirrels! Of coarse the Wuzster was his normal self and was scared of everything! We even went to visit a little cemetery in the woods and there was gravestones dating back to 1801. Mom said they were pretty old.

There was also a big lake at the park, so when we finished exploring the paths, we headed over to it. Mom went back to the car and bought back some boxes over to a picnic table and 'dog oh dog' - she had packed a picnic for us all!!!! We found a nice bench in the shade right next to the water and relaxed while we had some lunch. There was cheese and meats and crackers - Mom had some salad fixings but we didn't want any of that. She had a big bowl of spring water for us too. Our Mom sure does know how to spoil us. She even had some beef jerky for us and we had that for dessert!

After our picnic we went for another wander and here we all are on the dock , the lake was so calm, no wind and we could hear frogs calling. This is actually a man made lake and they fill it from the nearby Black river.

There was also just one pair of ducks at the lake and they the NERVE to come over to our picnic and let me tell you - I told them off good and proper when ever they got to close. No way were they going to get any of MY food! IT's Mom of coarse wanted to feed them - can you believe that - what a waste of noms! [MOM] for some reason Reilly really didn't like this pair of ducks and kept chasing them away.

Oh I nearly forgot - Look at IT - what bad table manners he has, standing up there ON the table with his paws. He was trying to pretend what a good boy he was waiting for his lunch - but don't let it fool you - we know he was just being bad mannered and wanted to see what was happening across the way.

After our lunch we went on another walk right around the lake and finally went back to MY car where I was ready for a bit of rest and another big drink. Mom got us all in the car and we thought we were heading home - but nooooooo.

We went exploring some more. Mom decided to "just drive down this road and have a look" and guess what we discovered. Another park right next to the river and this pawsome little historical village. It only consisted of about 10 building that had been beautifully preserved and one of the buildings was this amazing old court house. Now it might not seem to odd - except there was nothing else there - just the few buildings and the park. There was no people living in the area surrounding the buildings, it wasn't a town or anything....just some amazing building in the middle of no-where. The other funny thing about this court house was it was built right on top of the hill and the only way to get to it, was up the wooden steps and there of been like 100 of them!!! Mom couldn't get a really good photo of them all ......but it was done in levels and had little rest stops as you went up. It was very cool but a lot of work getting to the top.

We also had a walk along the river which was really nice but we were all getting pretty tired by then, so after another big drink we all got back in MY car, Mom turned the air conditioner on for us and we settled back for a good long nap while Mom drove for the hour to get back home. We were still so tired when we got home we slept for the rest of the day and evening - dreaming of our adventure.


  1. Wow, what a great place for walkies and pictures.

  2. What a great adventure you all had! We kept help but wonder what happened to all those people - very strange indeed.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. What a wonderful adventure you all had!! Nothing like going to a new place to wipe you out!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. What a fun adventure for all of you. Both parks are so pretty!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  5. An awesome day!! Dream sweetly of your big adventure!

  6. What an absolutely wonderful adventure! You guys are so lucky your Moms took you there! It looks terrific! And how interesting! I hope you doggies paid attention to all that history! Though I suppose there won't be a test later or anything.

  7. 'IT' made me laugh! I guess he was standing on the table with his paws because he is too short to see far away!

    The parks are so beautiful. What a nice parks for walkies and having some fun with your mom.

  8. That sounds like a pawesome adventure you all had. It looks like a beautiful place to go to for walks and I bet it was fun sniffing all the new smells. I bet you had lot's of fun chasing after those pesky squirrels. From Milo

  9. What a great day you all had although when we read the story we were scared you might all disappear!
    What a very odd story - wonder what exactly happened.
    Lovely pictures - and no sign of any ghosts in the background!
    Thank you for visiting us - we appreciate it - we know we have become the world's worst bloggers!
    Much love
    Martha and Bailey xx

  10. I like the photo of "It's" Bad Table Manners. Cute!


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