Sunday, June 3, 2012

MY wind chimes

We noticed that quite a few of you mentioned MY wind chimes in a recent video we made. It took Mom a long time to find just the perfect ones for ME as she tends to think she is a bit of a connoisseur of such things.

The story goes like this - at the end of last year we went for a drive to a small town about an hour away from where we live - and when we say small town we mean SMALL. It basically consisted of a couple of antique shops and something they called a restaurant that DIDN'T allow doggies!

One of the stores actually turned out to be something Mom called a curio shop and they even let me come inside and wait by the counter while Mom and Dad had a look around. It was the kind of place that sells this, that and everything and some of it looked like it had been there a good 20 years! Right at the back of the store Mom found a display of wind chimes and of coarse had to start ringing them all. It was love at first chime! The chimes are made by the Corinthian bell wind chimes company - each set is hand tuned and as Mom says they are THE BEST she has ever heard.

Sadly she didn't buy the chimes and even thought she loved them they were kinda of pricey and Mom was a bit bummed about that. As luck would have it about a week later mom got a 40% off coupon to a store here in town that she hadn't before to before - so she thought she would go and check it out. Imagine her surprise when right there in front of the the store was a display of Corinthian Chimes. After spending 20 minutes ringing them all - she found just the right set and used that 40% off coupon. We have the 50" set and they are magical and best of all - they are made in the USA !

So if you are looking for a little music for you garden or want to keep the bad spirits from entering your home (mom read something about placing wind chimes by your door to keep negative energies away) then save some pennies - or find a coupon - and treat yourself to some of these.

This is the link to them and you can hear samples of them ringing too. Just click on the photos and the next box that appears has the sound clips on it.


  1. I think wind chimes are pretty to listen to. My parents had them and always enjoyed a breeze going by. Great story about your coupon and chimes!

  2. Those are cool and we love windchimes too. We have 3 on our front porch.


  3. That is a cool story, sometimes if you wait, good things can happen.

    The chimes are very pretty.

    Loveys Sasha

  4. Our mom loves wind chimes and pretty much the same thing happened to her. She got her Corinthian Chimes 50% off because the store was going out of business. You can never have too many wind chimes in one yard, right?

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  5. They are lovely - we love wind chimes - and yes, bad spirits hate sweet sounds!

    Sally, Paddy, Klaus and Honey

  6. Ya know, wind chimes used to be very popular, but now I hardly see them anymore.

    Maybe you will bring the wind charm trend back! Must've been popular in the 80's, because it seems as though the 80's fashions are making their comeback now.

  7. What a beautiful wind charm and thanks for sharing the story about it.

    I love wind charms but i don't have any at home. May be I should start to look for them and get one for my porch.

  8. Dad's Uncle gave him a set that he loves. We are not as crazy about the chimes.

  9. I love wind chimes. My husband does not. We have a set inside the lake house that rings gently when the air conditioner comes on . Makes him nuts. LOL

  10. Love the wind chimes and loved hearing the story behind them! Coupons are wonderful blessings aren't they!


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