Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is it something we did ?

Last week we had 268 followers and this week we have only 176.......did we do something to make you leave us??? It is probably just another one of bloggers glitches - but it makes us sad to see some of buddies missing from the list.

In other news - Mom for some reason is super excited about these little guys we keep finding on our deck amongst all the flower pots she has on there. They are little tree frogs! Actually they are large tree frogs - this guys is about 2.5" in length. We are not sure if they are native to this area or arrived in some big potted ferns she bought recently. Can you imagine she actually likes these things and won't let us poke at them with our noses - not that we would want too - eeeeewwww frog cooties!!!! -I mean to say...... look at it, all green, slimy, sticky feet and NO HAIR !!!

We don't like them AT ALL - and you know why????? They make a sound that has us racing outside every time we hear it.

[MOM] the best way to describe it - is a if you can imagine a bird making the sound of a dog barking !!! The boys keep thinking there is a new dog in their yard and are not happy ! We must have some pairs cause the froggies are doing a lot of call courtin!


  1. Yeah, those frogs can be quite the problem, no tree frogs, just big big standard frogs, they drive me crazy, when you try to bite them the stinkers just pee on ya.
    Understand the problems with Bolgger, we seem to have problems getting our comments posted. Just tonight we send one to Franky, he reply nice to meet ya, we been leaving comments for 3 months, remember we had such a hard time getting throught to you. Is it just Blog.spot?

  2. I bet it is just some stupid blogger mistake. You are too cool and good buddies, no one would want to not be your pal. The froggy is pretty but I don't think I would want to play with him. I hope he leaves you alone.I wonder how it would taste?

    Loveys Sasha

  3. Mom remembers those cute frogs from Louisiana! The smaller - the cuter!
    You're stuck with us, Reilly and Denny!

    Friends forever,
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Frogs are so cool!

    Blogger can be so dumb sometimes.

  5. Oooooh, I don't like froggies either!! I am sure Blogger is the problem here. They seems to be having some issues lately!

  6. You know, I used to like tree frogs too. Then I moved to SC and there would be a few weeks where they would be EVERYWHERE! They'd get in the house, in your car, you'd find them dead weeks later. Now I don't like them nearly as much!

  7. Oh dear, that Blogger must be having software issues again. Go figure.

    Frogs need love too and why not sing a love song to attract a mate? I am sure it sounds beautiful to the she-frog.


  8. Blogger has a way of really messing things up.

    Those frogs would really be annoying us too. Mom says she thinks we might try to eat them - hey, aren't frog legs supposed to be a delicacy?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Too cool! Years ago my parents had many tree frogs on their glass deck doors every night. It was so neat to see them up close!

  10. At least your frogs look better than the toads that we have over here! There was a time we had a lot in our back yard but then they suddenly disappeared. Well, I don't miss them at all because whenever they were here, Eva was extremely busy and noisy,

  11. Hmm...maybe people are going underground and hiding? Who knows!

    We don't have little froggies, we have big froggies/toads that if you pick up, pee in your mouth and make you all foamy! Blech! So I just squish them with my paws...take that whizzing frogs!! Bahahahaha!

  12. Blogger can be so frustrating sometimes! :(
    That tree frog is a beautiful green! I love to hear them in the summer too!


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