Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Way to hot!

We really haven't been doing much of anything apart from staying cool - this past week it has been in the high 90's and today we are going for 101 ! Worst of all - it is going to be like this for another week! Mom is not happy and her flowers are shriveling in the heat - yeah so are we MOM!

We managed to get a bit of garden in the pictures...here I am much MORE interested in what is going on OVER THERE then looking at the flashy beast.
Okay Mom - I will look at the camera - but be QUICK - it's hot out here!
And lastly - some of our gladioli - our yellow ones are just starting to open but are singed already from the heat. I keep telling Mom I will "water" the plants for her but for some reason she won't let me near them....what gives with that?


  1. Reilly, I love your suggestion to water the plant! Grandma wasn't very happy when I watered the geranium plant that Mommy just bought and carried into the backyard. I was just trying to be helpful and thought it needed to be watered!

  2. Your heat wave is coming our way. Dad is installing our new downstairs AC since the old one is broken tonight.

    Katy has started digging in which she has never done before.

  3. Nice pose there, how many times did you make her take it, cause thats a great pic. Yeah, it has been HOT and Humid here, for a week, and its moving East. It's time for laying in the shade days.

    Susie & Bites

  4. Here's hoping you get a break with some cool weather soon!

  5. Hot here too. Although for some reason (and I am not complaining) it is a very pleasant today. But tomorrow back to the high 90's. Stay cool my friends.

  6. Hi, 90's to 101, that's just crazy. Up here, we're looking at maybe 65 degrees with blue sky and high clouds. With Summer a day away, we'll probably get to maybe 70 degrees tomorrow. But when it gets really hot, we put on our cool coats that really keep us cool and go for a walk with cool water to drink. Here's the kind of coats we have but I'm sure that there are other brands in the USA http://www.prestigepets.co.uk/cool-coat/

  7. Hey I am so exctied. I have been trying to see your blog for two weeks now and I cannot get it. Today is the very first time it has gone to your post. I was beginning to wonder if blogger had blocked me out and I was sad.

    Oh I feel so much better.
    Stay Cool

  8. Reilly, you look very cool trying to stay cool :)

    That heat is coming our way, but luckily only for a couple days.

  9. Your heat is headed our way and we're not too happy about it. Stay cool, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  10. It's too hot here too - maybe all the blog doggies can pool their money and go someplace cool?


  11. It's way too hot here too! We feel your pain!

  12. You are looking great Reilly! Hope you're inside by now on that air conditioning vent!

  13. We actually had a cooler day than most. Though it was either raining or threatening to rain all day.

    Bet you were ready for the AC.

    Essex & Sherman

  14. It's always hot here so I prefer to stay indoor all the time. I just go out to use the powder room for a few seconds or if I've spotted some kitty aliens from my neighbour's windows.

    Hope the weather is bit cooler for you!

  15. Not easy to look so together when you are being baked alive! It has been hot like a pizza oven here too. Momma doesn't walkie me until almost sundown but even then she soaks me with the hose before and after.


  16. I hope you've had some cooler weather by now. :) Great pics!


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