Friday, March 21, 2014

INVASION on MY park !

It is a lovely warm but overcast day today so we headed off to the park thinking we would enjoy a nice quiet and long walk. Instead MY park is being invaded!!!!

First ......... the ducks and geese  are quacking and honking it up BIG time as they look for a mate. From what we can see there appears to be 5 males for every 1 female and there is lots of fighting going on as they try to impress the gals.  Mom was happy to see Mr Tuffy is back - that is she what she calls the little black duck with the tuff  on his head.  Me - I got so dog annoyed with all the noise  I raced to the waters edge stomped my boots and BARKED at them!  Bawwwaaahhh bawaaaahhh I moved so fast the lead just wiped the dweebs legs right from under him - dog oh dog what a sight - the dweeb on his back - little legs waving in the air as he tried to get up. He is such a rollie pollie dweeb Mom had to help him:)

Second - for some reason they built the police practice shooting range IN MY park so on top of the noisy ducks - there was also sound of gun fire going off. Why they would build a practice range right in the park I do not know... it seems kinda dangerous to us - in fact we were out following some bike trails last year and stumbled straight into it - it isn't even fenced off! Mom won't take us anywhere near that part of the park anymore.

Third - Campers.....yes can you believe they are in MY PARK!!!! Not only that they had those evil little screaming yelling shrunken humans with them and they were climbing all over MY Fort Cowspotdog and running around like crazy things. The Dweeb stood there shaking every time any of them got with 30 feet of him!

And lastly - MY park is being invaded by dead Christmas trees !!!! We are not sure what that is all about but crates of them have appeared in one my favorite spots. Mom checked out the crates and saw they were from the Home Depot. We have mentioned before that we get annoyed when people dump there old Christmas trees in the lake - now we are wondering if the park people are doing it on purpose for some reason. I will be calling MY park manager to find out what is going on.


  1. Campers AND ducks, has the world gone mad?
    Dip and Elliot x

  2. Well this is just not right! How could they not consult you on such things! It is YOUR park after all


  3. OMD! You've had an infestation of invaders. We're glad you're at least telling off the waterfowl...guess the trees won't listen!

    Can't believe they're firing guns around a public area....

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

    Wish we could have seen Denny...

  4. And dead Christmas trees! What next
    Lily & Edward

  5. OMD YOUR pawsonal Park has been INVADED fur SURE.

    Now about those Christmas Trees... We might be able to help you with that... At the Lake where we used to have our Pontoon Boat... The Park Rangers BEG people to bring their Totally UNDECORATED Trees... then as soon as they pawsibly can in the spring... they take the trees out on the lake... and SINK them in Coves and along Edges of the lake... THEY are PAWFECT cover fur Mommy Fish to HIDE their EGGS... and fur the BABY FISH to HIDE when the so Tiny... It is a Natural Habitat sort of thingy and it helps to build the Fish population.
    The trees ROT in just one year... and that is good fur the PH Balance of the Lake.

  6. I second Frankie Furter and Ernie's sleuthing of the Christmas tree mystery! I was also going to suggest maybe the trees will be chipped for mulch. There are some Christmas tree recycle programs like that around here. I am surprised with so much chaos at your park you managed to be so well behaved... Wilhelm, Brychwn and Huxley would NOT be smiling like that with campers and shot noises about. They like watching the migrating birds pass through though. :)

  7. Oh man, your nice quiet walks in the park are over! How dare people invade YOUR park. I feel bad for Denny. Oreo reacts the same way around kids (and people).

    I love that black duck. He's really cook.

  8. Loved the way u described knocking the dweeb down and his feet waving in the air. Funny.

  9. OH my goodness, they did all this WITHOUT your written approval??? The nerve of some humans!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. It sounds like you will have to choose another park for more peace and quiet, Reilly. The nerve of them all!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  11. OMD shooting, shrunken little ones and dead trees....sounds like you have been invaded by an episode of The Walking Dead LOL. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Oh please keep me informed when you found what they will do with the ole christmas trees in YOUR park.

  13. Ducks and campers, how rude!? They should have got your permission first before they step in to your park.

  14. How frustrating I don't even know where to begin. The trees, is it HD that dumped them? I would certainly complain to someone. A gun range? The sound of a gun would keep me clear away from there. I hope you have a better walk next time. Love Dolly


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