Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life Support

Even though it turned cold yesterday Mom still took us for a walk  (she says Denny Dumpling needs lots of exercise) By time we reached the 'Life Support' sign Dweeb thought for sure it was snack station cause he was dying of hunger and needed some life support :)  Mom says don't worry - he is getting plenty to eat - she has just cut out all treats.

As you can see MY park is finally greening up which is making the Mom soooo happy - she kept mumbling about how fresh it all smells and how the dogwoods smell so pretty. Trust me Mom - dog pee is what is all about when we come to the park! And check me out - Mom thought I looked so funny when I spotted a squirrel and jumped on this stump to watch it. Can you believe she told ME I couldn't chase it - but two seconds later I did  and I nearly caught the little bugger too! I told Mom she has to get me some climbing boots - the kind with spikes on the bottom so I can follow the tree rats up a tree !


  1. Reilly, boots with spikes???? You are a gentleman, I can not picture you climbing a tree….on the cover of Sheltie Quarterly, yes…..sitting in a chair reading a book, yes…..glad to hear that spring has finally arrived in your part of the world!!!

  2. Poor Denny....I feel your pain. Mom says I have to go on a diet too!

  3. Wow that was a close thing for the evil bushy tailed tree rat. Maybe next time Reilly. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. A life without treats would not be a life worth living! What a lovely park you have, hope you find your life support!

  5. Denny my momma thinks those little boots you wear are sooo cute...I hope I do not find those in my easter basket...we loved the stump picture of you.
    stella rose

  6. Looks like a great walk! We had snow yesterday with high wind, so no adventures for us :-)

  7. You do look a bit famished. Hopefully there are more treat stations
    Lily & Edward

  8. Climbing boots would be uber cool Reilly!

    I saw an albino squirrel today! Never seen one before. I only got a quick glimpse of its body and tail though....I wonder if it could be a cowspot squirrel?

  9. OMD OMD.... what a BRILLIANT idea.. BOOTS with SPIKES so we can go Right up the Trees... like the Utility company POLE GUYS do...
    We ALL must get these... NO squirrels could EVER escape us then.
    We love the pic with you on the stump...

  10. Looks like a very fun walkie guys!! Dory says she wants HER own park now..just like yours (except up by us!)!!

    Dory, Arty, Jakey & Bilbo

  11. Wow, what a good hunter you are! I love Dogwood trees(we had one in Ca.)but they don't grow here in Colorado. This looks like a very cool park guys. Hope you are having a great day today!
    Noreen & Hunter

  12. Climbing boots! That would be fantastic. You'd really shock those squirrels!

    Now, Reilly, you be careful...no treats for Denny might mean no treats for you!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  13. Your going to be feeling so much better soon Denny.

  14. Spiked booties are exactly what you need, Reilly!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. You may not be getting as many treats but at least you're getting lots of long walkies and we all know you love long walkies!

    Feel sorry for you that you are getting the cold! We're so lucky over here in England, we've been getting lots of lovely weather the past few days which is really weird (with us living in England and all!). Fingers&paws crossed that the weather stays this way for us and becomes warmer for you guys!

    Lots of hugs, woofs and wags!


  16. You need some of them track shoe socks, they gots some kinda traction, always get you tree rat then! Looks like you guys got lots of rain....WE GOT ZIPOLA!

    The Mad Scots

  17. Pft... Not chase a squirrel, peeps are boring!

  18. Howdy Mates. Hey Reilly, we love your boots. HOw come you have to wear them mate? We're a bit behind and didn't know Denny is being starved by your mum! No treats?? It's just not fair. He looks perfect to us. You gave us a laugh imagining you climbing up a tree to get the squirrel hehe. Take care mates.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  19. It was cold here yesterday too, and super duper windy!!! But today was truly a glorious day! We got to go for a long walk with Mom, but we did't find any parks along the way. We need to get to your part of the world because you have such pretty ones.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. Spiked booties?????? FABulous idea!
    Your Moms is most brilliant Reilly!
    I'm gonna puts that on my wish list right nows! Just todays one just escaped my mighty Airedale jaws...I swear I gots some tail furs in my toothers!
    Spiked booties....why didn't I thinks of that????
    Ruby ♥

  21. OMD! How exciting!! We think climbing boots are a pawsome idea.
    Wally & Sammy

  22. I'm only allowed to chase squirrels in my back yard, and they always jump up on the fence and get away. :( It's totally not fair.


  23. Life Support...What a good idea. So, no treats there?? Your dog park looks like it's preparing for Spring weather, but still a bit wet. Is it still cold? Have a great holiday.
    BabyRD & HOotie

  24. You are very cute on that stump Reilly!


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