Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dog Depression - But feeling good

Woo hoo I am feeling back to my old self again today and very happy playing toss the tug with the mom out in the open with NO lead!!!!! We only have a small back yard and having been up in the mountains and being allowed to run free, plus the whole car trip thing, change of environment and my dad being away so much, I think I suffered a little depression. Yesterday, even though we went on a nice walk the mom was worried because I wasn't my usual self, I just walked along beside her, not really interested and I was rather shy when people came close. I also didn't want pats or any lovin, last night (something I always have before bed time) instead I just wanted to sleep in my cool dark laundry. So the mom did some looking on the internet and found that dogs can and do suffer depression. After doing quite a lot of reading and watching me....she figured out what I really missed was the free running. So even though we do have a small yard, behind our house is a BIG open area and even though she doesn't normally like me to run out without a long lead, today she did and dog oh dog did I have fun, I ran, I hopped, I jumped and I sniffed at everything. The mom was also very proud of me because when she said wait I would stop and sit and the more I did that, the more confident she was letting my just run. Sometimes humans forget that we dogs can get upset over changes in our routine or new things happening around us to so here is a bit of information she found.

Article #1 -If your dog is experiencing stress, whether it’s the loss of a companion, a change in its surroundings, there are things you can do to help. If your depressed dog is not being active or social, you may consider doggie daycare. This will create an environment for your dog to interact with other dogs.

If your depressed dog is experiencing a sense of loss of a companion or guardian, shower him with love and attention. Take time and visit a dog run, set up playdates, fun rides in the car, and just being around each other. This will help the depressed dog.

Article #2
Yes, even dogs can become depressed. It is not uncommon to see a dog start acting differently when certain things happen. For example if someone who cares for them goes away, you may find your dog sitting at the door at the time the person always comes home staring at the door. When the person returns the dog is likely to return to normal behavior.

Symptoms of Dog Depression Your dog may seem mopey. S/he may be lethargic or slow moving. They may stop eating and may not drink enough water. The symptoms for dog Depression are strikingly similar to those seen in humans. Depression in dogs could be very dangerous especially if they stop eating or drinking enough water.

Causes of Dog Depression

Grief may be a trigger for pet Depression. If they have had a playmate for sometime and the other dog dies, your dog may try to act as if the other pet is there. They may be sad and mope around.

A change of environment where a dog is moved to a new home or put in a kennel may also cause your dog to feel depressed and stop eating or drinking. Returning home or getting used to the new home will likely see your dog's Depression start to lift.

Chemical imbalances typically in the brain may be to blame as well. Like humans there are chemicals in the brain that help to control mood. Treatment can be very effective for your dog. Sources: and

Woofitty woofs!!!!


  1. Katie and I are glad you're feeling better Riley! You are lucky you have a mom who spends the time to research the best things for you. You look very joyful running around free. Just be sure to always come when your mom calls you!

  2. G'day Reilly

    How good is it being allowed to run around without the lead :-)



  3. Isn't running off-leash just the best? Hard to be depressed when you're having so much fun! Keep feeling better, Riley!

  4. Wow... those are some interesting facts about pets, which must be known by every pet owner.

  5. Well, I am glad you are feeling good, but you know, we dogs don't view things as the humans do; sadness is a part of life - it doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you that has to be fixed per se, but I don't expect the humans have the capacity to understand the doggy dimension! Have a great week

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