Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A quiet few days

The weather has finally cooled down!!! Yeah, the furry one has stopped panting at last!!! It is only in the 70's and it is so nice to go and lay outside in the sunshine without over heating. Of coarse I have been taking the mom on nice long walks in the morning. I am getting her in training for going to to that place next week called Col-or-ado, Dad says it's in the mountains and there will be miles and miles and miles of places for us to walk - dog gone - how cool is that!

Now, this next thing isn't really something to do with MY blog, but it is about me so I guess I will allow the mom to show you. Mom entered this scrapbook layout as an example of her work to be a guest designer on one of the big scrapbook sites. She says she doesn't have a hope of winning but how can she not when the page is about me? I am after all pretty darn cute! She won't find out anything until October but I have my toes crossed (I would cross my paws but I tend to fall over a lot when I do that !!!) Hope everyone is enjoying the last dog days of summer, the leaves are already starting to turn here so I guess old man winter isn't too far away.


  1. Hi Reilly! I love reading your blog! Please check out my recent entry for a special surprise.

  2. G'day Reilly

    Although that cowdog is very cute I can see how it could be annoying ... but don't just bury it .. de-stuff it first! I reckon there is my than an ordinary squeaker in ther! :-)



  3. Good point Charlie - shred to little pieces and then bury it in multiple wouldn't even be able to put it back together then!!!!

  4. Hope you have a great trip! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

  5. Hi Reilly
    Nice to meeta ya. I see you joined DWB and wanted to come by and say hello
    Deetzy Boy

  6. Well written article.


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