Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Tissue Monster

Ohhhhhh we seem to have a monster in our house that loves to tear up tissues into little shreds all over the carpet. I have heard that there are many of these monsters around. Mom had left some tissues on the coffee table that the wind blew onto the floor and of coarse the monster found them. (I think he hides under the sofa - just waiting for the right opportunity) Mom thought it was me.......just because I had some tissue stuck on the end of my nose, but I told her I was just checking out the scent trail and it must of got stuck there. I even found proof that other humans have tissue monsters too, check out this photo and you can see these two little guys were looking for the monster as well. Anyone else have tissue phantoms at their houses??????


  1. The phantoms in our house eat tissues too. The only difference is they don't leave any evidence behind (at least not until it is time to clean up the poos in the backyard).

  2. Oh yes, the tissue monster has been here, but I have proof...I'll post that picture on my blog!

  3. Yeppers, the tissue monster has been visiting our house, too. The New Zealand variety also likes plastic rubbish bags which drives Ma crazy... :)

    Josh and Jess

  4. Yep there's one of those in my house and it eats boxes and telephone books too!



  5. Yes, we have a tissue monster in our house too! And her name is Shelly and we even have photographic proof of said doggie doing the deed!

    The FleasGang


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