Sunday, December 14, 2008

Honorary Cowspotdog

My little buddy Ludo had his mom do some photo magic and this is what he would look like as a cowspotdog. He is very cute.

Mom has something she calls a 'soft spot' for Ludo as he reminds her of the puppy mom had before me. Her name was Bonnie and like Ludo she was a Blue Merle Sheltie with a tan face. Mom loved the little Bonnie very much and when mom got her she was very sick. The vet doctor told the mom that if she hadn't bought her, she would of died within the next day or two. (mom later found out that Bonnie came from a bad place called a puppy farm and mom hates those but she was so glad she saved the Bonnie) Anyway, mom worked very hard every day to make her better and eventually she did. Mom and dad then had to go to somewhere called Italy with dad's new job and then move to California where the happy Cows live but sadly they could not take the little Bonnie. Mom was very very upset but little Bonnie went to live at a new forever home and it was meant to be for little Bonnie preformed her own little miracle the very first day. Bonnie's new home was with a a family who had a Downe Syndrome boy. He was sixteen and had not spoken a single word in over two years. As soon as he saw Bonnie though he ran to her and cuddled her and said 'doggie" After that he started speaking a lot to Bonnie and eventually to his mom, dad and sister too. His sister was also on the track team so she would take Bonnie on runs with her every morning. Bonnie's new dad was a Pastor and he said Bonnie was indeed a little miracle for their family. My mom was very sad for a long time at having to give Bonnie to a new home but glad too that is so loved and adored by her new family. So that is the story of Bonnie, but of coarse now my mom has me and is very very happy again. The photos below are of Bonnie the day she went to her new forever home.


  1. Ludo is cute as a cow spot dog! I wonder what I would look like with a spot!

    that is a very cool thing that little Bonnie did in her new forever home. Us dogs are so great we really cheer hoomans up!

  2. Ohhhh, thanks for telling us about little Bonnie. She is a little miracle worker, isn't she? No wonder your Mom has a soft spot for Ludo. Ludo makes quite a good Cowspotdog but there can be only one real Cowspotdog - THE REILLY :)

  3. Reilly, you are soooo lucky to have such a wonderful mom and dad. It was so hard for her to give Bonnie to a new home, but she did the right thing, and look how wonderful it turned out. I know she loves you very very much, and you love her just as much, so everything is good.

  4. Bonnie bought a lot of joy to her new home - it's nice when things work out in such a good way!

  5. Thanks for sharing the story of Bonnie. She does look just like me when I was littler, before I got so much fur. Mum says it is lovely that she improved the life of her humans and it must have helped your mum a lot to know she was such a miracle for them.
    ~lickies, Ludo.
    pee ess, glad you like my cowspots!


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