Friday, December 19, 2008

I am sooooo bored!

This cold weather is so nice for me but the mom doesn't want to take me anywhere. Just because we had a couple of inches snow and two inches of ice on the roads and its only 26 degrees....she says no every time I rattle my lead to remind her about walks. Well if she won't take me walking I will just have to spend my time on the computer and blogging. Mind you this can be fun.....look what I found today. Wow, I wish I had the markings this cowspotcow has.....I would NEVER get lost (look closely at the patches).

Then I found this one....personally I don't get it but the mom thought it was so funny. Mini moo.....what is funny about that?

I guess I can't really say I am bored...the mom does play tug with me all throughout the day and we play chase the red light a couple of time each day. We also go do some agility work down in my basement playroom every morning and I do my treadmill 3 times a day now which is 3 miles in total. Yesterday mom and I went over to Franklins (the corgi) and we took him and his mom to PetSmart with us and we had a wander around, got lots of pats and had fun sniffing at every corner. Of coarse I didn't think it was right that Franklin got a treat and I didn't !!! (They know about my food allergies so don't give me treats anymore). It didn't stop me from protesting loudly about it though. I guess the other good thing, my dad is home for the entire next week and home as in vacation. We are also having someone new coming to stay with us this week. Dad's oldest daughter is coming from Wisconsin to have Christmas with us, and the youngest daughter that lives with us, she is going home to Tennessee to visit her mom for the week. Maybe I won't be so bored this week afterall ....woofitty woofs


  1. Mini Moo isn't as fluffy as you are but still very cute :) Tell your Mom to wrap up warm and keep rattling your lead - she'll have to give in sooner or later!

  2. He he hey I am on the computer too! I would come play with you in the snow... the Mum here doesn't want to go out either. Come see my fun Muffin Tin Game (It's not posted yet though my video is still uploading to YouTube) but it should be there soon! It's a super fun game! You can go to the Mum's Blog and see Lucy playing it, her video is up!

    Those are funny cows and I like the map on that top one lol!

  3. Thanks for the link, Reilly. Ma enjoyed it almost more than we did :) :)
    Merry Christmas, buddy!

  4. Is that first cow's name Cowie Nations?

    Weather is warm here right now. Send some of that cool air our way.

    Essex & Deacon


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