Monday, December 8, 2008

There's a chill in the air

Mom says we are expecting a couple of inches of snow tonight....I can hardly wait. I hope it is really fluffy and white tomorrow because I need something to cheer me up. This is my "oh so sad" look because my dad is off traveling again this week. Sigh......... I just get use to him being here for a week and then he is gone again. Mom says I am a "daddies boy" because I just love him so much and miss him when he's not here. Mom also bought something called a humidifier today. Mom has long hair and I have long hair and with it being so dry we are both so full of something she calls static. All I know is that when ever she reaches out to pat me we both get zapped by some weird unseen thing that stings my nose and her fingers. I am not to sure about the humidifier thing and have been walking in WIDE circles past it, as it will suddenly make a lot of noise. The mom says it's on some automatic thing so when ever the humidity drops below a certain level it turns itself on. I am thinking though that is just another hiding in a plastic box. It certainly growls like a monster. Who ever knew that they were so many monsters in the world and that apparently it is only we doggies that can see them??

A FOLLOW ON: I got up early expecting to see snow - not so much as a flake....baaaaa humbug


  1. Gosh, I hopes the humidifies monster makes the staticky stuff go away. We still has not had any snow. If you get it send it my way cos I has never ever seed it.

    ~lickies, Ludo

  2. A humidifier? We have a dehumidifier monster that sucks water out of the air.

    To come to think of it, when Dog Dad was growing up there were a couple big bowls of water in the house to help humidifies the house to get rid of the zappy stuff.

    Hope your Dad gets back soon.

    Essex & Deacon

  3. Know what you mean about the static electricity, Reilly! I hate it that just as I am about to take a tasty treat from mom's fingers, ZAP! - I get shocked and then get the treat. Sort of not the reward I was expecting!

  4. Ooo being zapped isn't any good! I've been zapped on the nose before, eouch! But I have nice short hair so that lessens the zap!

  5. I get zapped too. Takes the fun out of cheese.


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