Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have my own sheep!

Mom decided that no self respecting sheep dog could not have it's own sheep to she got me one - Taa Daahhhh Ali Bah Bah. Now of coarse Ali is no ordinary sheep - for one thing he has squeakers every where - one in each foot and one on each side and one his head. Personally I think it is squeaker overload and can you imagine what it like when he walks - squeak squeak squeak squeak. I think for some reason though Ali will be doing a lot of just laying around munching grass as his legs seems a little floppy to me. Now I know - you guys are probably thinking he was whispering sweet nothings in my ear but actually he was telling me what the secret code is for herding ...I will share it with you guys just in case you come across any sheep "bah ram ewe - to your flock you must be true - bah ram ewe - to your flock you must be true" It was quite hypnotic listening to him chant it. And it's really odd but I am sure I have heard this before - something to do with a sheep herding pig maybe. Now mom being a bit silly - decided one sheep wasn't really a lot to herd so she got me three others things to herd (they are all the same so they really are a little herd) Can you guess what they are? Check back tomorrow and see the photos. Hmmm I wonder if we shear of Ali's wool and make it into a carpet - if anything magical would happen. And tomorrow - we are going to start a fun new game. Woofitty woofs.


  1. Maybe she got you three little lambs?

  2. Woah, great sheep, we want one too!


  3. What a cool thing to have a sheep all your own. I was thinking that maybe the other things to herd might be a duck and a cow? Can't wait to see!

  4. I tried to herd a helicoptor the other day. I was running and barking at it! It got away though. maybe you are getting birds? Or children! triplets! BOL
    your pal, Morgan


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