Friday, April 24, 2009

It's me

Yes, it is me - well who else did you think it would be? We have been having some simply wonderful weather which means it has been warm enough for us to go for walkies each morning and what could be better than that? Well yes, to go walkies each evening too, and car rides, and trips to the pet store and trips to the park....oh right, we do all of that! What can I say, my mom spoils me :)

Silly mom also forgot to show to show you the wonderful cup that the dad found at Wisconsin Dells when he went there recently. This is actually a ceramic travel mug not one of those metal ones and of coarse it has a sheltie on it, so what could be better. It sort of ....kind of.....okay if you squint a lot....looks like me :) And look at that neat paw print on the back of the cup. Mom loves her cups of tea but has a bad habit of forgetting to drink them so dad thought this would help to to keep them warm. Talking of Dad - he is in a place called Phoenix - Arizona at the moment and he says I would not like it there at all as it is very hot - 99 degrees there. He says mom would like it though as they have planted lots of Australian gums trees there and he said the air smells of eucalyptus. I have no idea what he is talking about....I just heard the word hot and that was enough for me not to like it.


  1. So glad to hear the weather is good for a walkabout! Love the mug! ~chris

  2. I think the mug looks a LOT like you, at least from here in Michigan! You look very nice yourself in this picture!


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