Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dogervising my new deck

Phew.....have I had the busiest weekend. It all began on Friday when the Fed-Ex man came to the door with this huge huge parcel - for me!!!! It was a patio dog door panel that my dad had bought just for me. He loves me soooo much!!! Well of coarse then we realized it had like a 6 inch rise on it which meant stepping over that and then down to the first step outside our back door would have been over a one foot drop. After much discussion dad and I (okay mom had a few words to say too) decided we needed to build a little deck and new steps. So off they went to the hardware store to buy all the things we needed and then we got started. Now it has been very hot this weekend - in the high 80's so I had to do quite a bit of dogervising from inside - just barking instructions from my new dog door and watching to make sure everything was going to the specifications I had told dad.

Eventually though, I just had to come out for a closer inspection. Now I have never used a dog door before and it did take me a few go's to get the knack of it, but once mom showed me how to use my head to push it open and not my paw, it was very easy and now of coarse I am going in and out like it has been there forever. So here I am on the new deck and I no longer have to step down when I come out the door, which is very good as the old ones were very narrow. Of coarse dad had all his tools up here and I had double check he was doing everything right and measuring everything perfectly. I had, after all - worked VERY hard on making the plans for this new deck and steps. Then I thought I had better remind dad about being careful with that circular saw makes very strange noises and mom told I had to stay back while dad was using it as it was very dangerous.

I was a bit concerned about why dad would be be using something if it dangerous but he said it was okay and that he would be careful. I still gave him the the big safety lecture anyway. He then asked me if I thought the pole he was holding looked straight and I checked and said "yes dad does". Dogervising is very serious work you know. Then dad asked me if I could find one of the big nail he had dropped....I looked around and saw it straight away. I turned and asked dad...."is this the one dad?" It was and he was very happy I found it for him and told me he didn't know what he would do without my help!!! We worked on into the afternoon and got half the railing done.....then it just got too hot as the sun started coming around this side of the house. We just have to put the railing on the bottom half next to the steps tomorrow and my new deck will be done. I think it is is looking pretty dogtastic already but dad wouldn't have been able to do it without me.


  1. That was furry nice of your dad to make you your own deck!
    Big licks to you

  2. Good thing you were on the job Reilly! Pretty neat, having a door all for you. I think your Dad DOES love you very much! (I think Mom does too!)

  3. Excellent dogervising, Reilly! How cool that you have a door all to your self now! I am so jealous!

  4. Great dogervising Riley. What a very cool new door and decking!

  5. This should give you and advantage if you see any squirrels outside. You are so lucky.

    Hm, we just thought you should put some anti-Frog-go-saurus stuff on the door.

    Essex & Deacon

  6. How cool your very own deck!! awesome=)

  7. I think you did a great job dogervising as your dad built your deck, Reilly! I love the pictures of you looking at your dad’s tools and wondering if he’ll be okay. Your dad made an awesome deck! I’m sure you’ve enjoyed using it to get through your very own door.


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