Sunday, May 17, 2009

The other side just have to love this time of year and I do so enjoy taking the folks out on days like this to get some exercise. Today we went to the leash free park but walked on the other side where we don't normally go.

Why don't normally go over this side you ask? Well it is often muddy as just behind the trees is the lake and this area is a bit swampy. But today the path seemed dry so we thought we would check it. There is another reason we don't go this side too..... a lot of the hunting dogs tend to be over this side of the lake, they like to go swimming (which just shows how crazy how they are) but we have also found that they are are not very well mannered or behaved and their mom and dad's don't seem to care if the chase after and harass other dogs.

Anyway - back to my adventure. There was no hunting dogs there today, just me so I had the whole park to myself and there was so many new smells in this area. At first I wasn't to sure about going to the trees. I mean to say - there could of been some of those killer ducks hiding in there of even some of those huge geese things we had had had to wait and wait for as they crossed the road. Mom said they lived down here by the lake and dog oh dog do they make a lot of noise. I finally got brave though....I just couldn't resist those smells and my nose just didn't know where to sniffle first. Mom and dad were also keeping a watching eye out to make sure there was none of those itchy scratchy plants around.

As we got past the trees and I was walking down the path ....THAT IS WHEN I HEARD IT. It started with a few plip plop sounds and I stopped and looked around the grasses but I couldn't see anything. Then mom heard it too and we went to investigate. Then we heard it......ribbit ribbit - ribbit ribbit. As mom stepped closer to the water we heard more plip plopping sounds and then all of a sudden this big brown thing jumped right out of the bush near me and it was a KILLER FROG !!!!!! AND it was huge.....almost the size of my paw........I mean my head.....I mean my whole body!!!! Who would think the park could be such a dangerous place.......killer ducks, killer possums and killer frogs.

What would I do if mom and dad were not there to protect me.....ummmm I mean if I wasn't there to protect them. The life of a cowspotdog is never an easy one......but someones got to do it !!!!


  1. Ohhhh Reilly! Watch out for those killer frogs! They can get really big! And they splash a lot when they jump back into the lake! Good thing you were there to protect your people! What a great park!

  2. Sounds like you had fun. Not sure if we let you know before, but we gave you an award today.

    Hope your mum is feeling okay.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Deacon

  3. What a lovely walkie you had, Reilly! We can only imagine how vicious all the wildlife can be! Thank goodness your mom and dad have you along to protect them!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Was the frog really as big as your whole body? You must be very brave, Reilly, to walk there with killer frogs, geese, ducks, and whatever else lurks about. Glad you had a good time!

  5. Oh wow, we almost never run across killer frogs on our walks! Lucy has been finding lots of little lizards that tease her by zipping this way and that in the brush and rocks, but no frogs. Sounds like a great adventure.

  6. OMD! Dog sized frog sounds even worse than horsepitals!!
    Looked like a great walk anyway...
    ~lickies, Ludo


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