Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morning at the lake

We are expecting 90 degree temperatures this weekend so mom said if we wanted to go for a walk, we needed to go early before it got too hot. "IF" we wanted to go for a walk pppppllllleeeeaaassseeee mom - when would I ever turn down a walk, it could be a 100 degrees and I would still want to go for a walk. Anyway, we got to the lake and can you believe my mom actually asked me to wait in the car while she took a photo.......but then I was out and off down the road following all those wonderful smells. Mom says I seem to forget I am a herding dog and that watching me with my nose to the ground I act more like a blood hound. Those poor hoomans just don't know what they are missing by not being able to smell what we can smell. Hmmmmm skunk crossed by, possum, raccoon, dogs, cats (there be some homeless cats living out at the lake) and ducks and geese and then around that barbecue pits there was cooking smells!!!!

Well we continued walking and I sniffed and sniffed. We got to see people fishing and people camping and then we came across a lot of small people out hiking. Dad said they were scouts.....hmm they looked just like little people to me. I am never sure what to make of little people as I have never had much to do with them. BOL - while dad wasn't looking I also found a dead fish and managed to get a quick roll on it. Ah the pungent perfume of Ode Da Crappie!!! Crappies is what they call the small fish in the lake. Mom gets a bit annoyed that the fishermen just throw these fish on the grass if they don't want them rather then putting them back in the lake. I don't mind at all though as they smell very good when they are all dried up. Here I am laughing at the dad cause I saw the fish first and got to roll on it. Unfortunately he pulled me away before any of the smell really stuck to me.

The other thing that is unusual out at the lake is that they have area to keep they humongous big horse dogs. Although we didn't see any today I did hear them. They make some loud kind of whinnying noises. Here I am listening to them. Then the mom was being silly and she started to walk away back to car....I watched her for awhile and then suddenly I though she was going to leave without me and dad so I came racing after her. But she was just being silly and was hiding behind a tree. Mom's can be so silly sometimes.


  1. Hi Reilly
    What a great walk you had - it was hot here too but not that hot!
    We are very impressed with your sniffing and love of rolling in smelly things. These are great things that we hounds adore.
    The trouble with humans is they just dont get it - they rattle on about the lovely scenery but for us scenery is all in the sniffing!
    Humans rely too much on their sight and have never really developed their sense of smell. Having said that they want everything to smell 'nice' and always want to wash good smell off us dogs.
    We loved your pictures - you are a very handsome dog. No need to apologise for your silly mom - you want to meet ours........
    Stay cool
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Awesome walk, Reilly! Too bad your dad pulled you away from the dead fish before you got to really enjoy it!

  3. What an awesome walkie, Reilly! We sure wish we could run off-leash!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. that dead fish sounds lovely! good for rolling on!
    your pal, Morgan


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