Monday, May 11, 2009

Some more pee-mail spots from around the world

Okay, here are some more interesting places from around the world where pee-mail is being left. Ludo in England found a very interesting mail box and a village message board.....we will have to take his word for how good they are though as he seems to be missing from the pictures. LUDO !!!! are you in that mail box????

Next is another photo from Josh in New Zealand who found a huge pee-mail rock. Josh says he has been busy leaving pee-mail messages around the neighborhood and finally got a response......he said a passing dachshund left him message about fire hydrants he knew about - how cool is that - the pee-mail grape-vine at work! Here he is doing and Mitch and Maggie and leaving some pee-mail. I think those two have started a new trend!!!!!

And next and is Katie in Michigan - she has really been hot on the trail of the Pee-mail - that girl has stamina!! Isn't she just the prettiest little sheltie girl.......sigh. She checked out the Pee-mail on the rock, on the tulips, on the trash can, on the bleachers and on the tree. That is dedication to the cause. And best of all....when she was finished she was so happy she looked liked she was la la..


  1. Every pup is finding some great "pee-mail" spots, and looks like we are helping out Maggie and Mitch, he he. =) this is a lot of fun.

  2. Those are some grrrreat pictures Reilly. Looks like some dogs are finally answering the call.

  3. You're getting some awesome photos for your pee-mail challenge!

  4. Katie is getting upset because we haven't been back to her park...she thinks she's missing pee mail even as we speak!

  5. Oh no! Mom says no peeing on the tulips! They're too pretty!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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