Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hiding from the bone monsters

We got up this morning and it was actually cool!!! It is the first time in over a week it has actually been nice so mom gave me a nice big bone to take outside. Now of coarse you all know about the bone monsters and how they try to steal your bone if you leave it alone for even a moment and how you have tuck yourself into tight little corners so they don't sneak up behind you (even if it is in mom's flower bed). So here I am with my nice marrow bone deciding where to hide first. Under the tree in mom flower bed was my first preference but than I thought mom would probably say I flattened the flower that was underneath me - which we coarse was already like that before I laid down. I saw that look in moms eyes though so I though I had better move. Next I tried under the pink bushy thing next to the air conditioner and that was fine until it suddenly came on. Then I went and laid under mom's chair but she didn't seem to appreciate me gnawing on the bone right under her. So then I had to wander around the yard carrying my bone and doing my whining ' scare the bone monsters away' noises. I finally settled down under the tree again but then mom went inside so of coarse I had to follow and take my nice dirty bone inside too. Oh dog oh dog.....where to hide my bone now? I finally found the perfect place, right under dads cushion on the sofa. I hope he doesn't sit on it this time!!! Oh dog, dad just said the magic word - walkies!!! He is going to take me out. I had better go get my bone and drop it at moms feet for her to protect when I am out. Mom can't go with us as she a bad ouchie back and can hardly walk. She was trying to do a jigsaw puzzle and her back went crack pop crack and then she couldn't stand up straight. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow after she has been to see the cow-ro-practor.


  1. You're so funny trying to hide that bone and lying down in your mom's gardens! Mom won't let me lie in her flowers!

    Hope you had a good walk with dad and hope your mom is feeling much better soon!

  2. It is very important to hide your bone - it is a dog thing! These humans dont understand and even worse when you dig in the garden....
    Hope your mom's ouchie back is a bit less ouchie!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. It was a pretty big bone to hide from the monsters wasn't it! You have SO MANY monsters at your house, you have to find the perfect hiding place! Hope you had a wonderful walkie with your Dad, and we really really hope your Mom feels lots better soon!

  4. We can just see you jumping when the A/C came on. BOL. We know what is wrong with your Mom, there was no snap and there was crack instead of a crackle. Things are allright if there is a snap, crackle, pop. Dog Dad will have some of that snap, crackle, pop stuff in the mornings.

    Essex & Deacon

  5. Good you're taking measures against bone monsters can never trust them, every time some of them see a chance to steal a bone, they steal bones from beautiful shelties ;o))


  6. You're so lucky getting to bring your marrow bone into the house, Reilly! Mom makes us leave them out in the workshop for next time!
    We hope your mom's back feels better!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Don't ya just hate it when you can't decide, and then have to pace around and mutter and whine to yourself, while you try and think?
    I do.


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