Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It wasn't me !!!!!

Mom has been very carefully 'nurturing' as she calls it some lilly plants in the garden. Franklin's (the corgi) mom gave them to her. Now you have to understand we don't have any nice big flower beds so there was just one little patch that mom could plant things in and it also happens to be one of MY favorite places to lay in the morning. Needless to say the mom wasn't to happy with me today when she went outside to see three of her lilies laying flat on the ground especially as the flowers were just about to burst open. Now why she would blame ME I do not know.....I mean to say we do have those pesky ground squirrels and we have some baby bunnies this year......and it could of been them !!! The fact that I was laying on one them really doesn't mean I did it or that it was MY fault.......it could have already been flat on the ground BEFORE I laid in that spot. As a result she only has one flower left and I thought I better show it to you before something happens to it. And here I am giving mom my best "it wasn't me mom" look. For some reason I don't think she believes me. Why does the mom want to grow things in MY back yard anyway, it is where I like to run and play, snooze in the sunshine and chew on a tasty bone. That is far more important then a silly old flower don't you think?


  1. From the look on your face I would most definitely say you are innocent. =) and you are right it is your backyard, tell your mom to put it in a pot if she doesn't want those bunnies and squirrels flattening her flowers. =)

  2. Well, it is a really pretty lily so we understand why your mom was upset, Reilly! But we believe you when you say it was already flattened when you laid down!

  3. Oh pooooor misunderstood Sheltie-boy! Don't forget the monsters! Remember when you had monsters in the house that made big messes? Well, obviously the garden monster has been gotten out of its pen to wreck havoc on the flowers! Stand guard Reilly, stand guard!

  4. Oh Reilly
    We absolutely know you are innocent - it is the same here - these humans always think it was one of us dogs!!!
    Well we think whoever has been visiting our garden has now popped over to yours.
    Tell you mmom the best thing is to go for container plaints which you can move out of the way!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  5. I agree with you Reilly and I thinks you do be innocent!
    I only just allowed to go out in the garden off lead as Grandpawents like to grow things too. Mum could only put things in pots in our old garden on account of the rabbits so I reckon you're right, the bunnies musta done it.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  6. That is definitely the look of an innocent dog! What a shame about your mom's lily though - it really is beautiful!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Our Mom says that your lilies are very beautiful. Personally, I agree with you - I really don't know what the big deal is about a few flattened flowers but female hoomas are a bit weird when it comes to that sort of thing.

  8. Of course you are innocent in the flowerdead it's clearly a squirrels which have kill the lily - normally squirrels kills pretty flowers!! ;o)


  9. you are so right - if it's in your yard, then its yours. you can do what you want, that's what I think.

  10. Ohhhh, we emphathize! We gotten many earfuls about having squished, dug out, chewed precious flowers/greens/plants. We hope your mom will get over it soon enough ... ours always do though she occassionally still reminds us of our past 'misdemeanors' :P

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

  11. Guess what Reilly? We saw a GROUND SQUIRREL at the park tonight! Thanks to your Mom I knew what it was!


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