Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mom and Dad Come Back

Mom and Dad are on vacation in a place called the outer banks in North Carolina at something called the beach. They are visiting my dad's mom which means she is my grandma - hey I didn't know I had a grandma!!! She who is never seen (dad's hooman daughter) is still home so I spend my time between here and over with my little buddy Franklin the corgi. His mom doesn't own a computer though so I haven't been able to blog as I spend most of my time there. I think it is pretty bad that mom and dad went on vacation without me but mom says I would not like it as it has been in the 90's every day and VERY VERY humid. She also says this beach thing is like a giant lake full of water and we all know what I think about water - good for drinking and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else. Mom says she misses me very very much as this is the first time we have been apart since she got me. I must admit I haven't noticed that much as I have been lots of fun spending time with Franklin even though he doesn't know how to play. One of these days he is going to learn - and in the meantime I keep will trying to teach him. This is where my mom and dad are. Grandma lives here all the time and mom says she is so lucky to be able to walk on the beach any time she wants. All that sand in the fur gives me shudders though and think of all the baths mom would be constantly giving me to get it out. Mom and Dad will be back after two more sleeps and I can hardly wait. I have missed my Dad soooooooo much and okay, I mave missed my mom too.


  1. Glad to know your mom and dad are on vacation and we hope they are having some fun in the Outer Banks! Keep being a good boy Reilly and they'll be home in no time!

  2. What a pretty place your Mom and Dad are visiting! You just might like it if you ever get to go. Meanwhile how cool is it that you can spend some more time with the younger hooman and of course with Franklin! Still, I'm sure you will wriggle all over when your Mom and Dad come home!

  3. Reilly, I know you miss your mommy and daddy but just think about all the treats they will bring you back as soveneirs!

  4. You and I think the same way about water, Reilly! It's best to just drink it!
    We hope your mom and dad bring something special back from their vacation just for you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Two more sleeps will soon pass! It is always hard when your mom and dad go away but hey you have a human sister!
    Not to mention a grandma!
    We hope you parents enjoy their break - it does sound as though you would have been far too hot!!
    Martha & Baileyxxx

  6. Far, far too much water if you aske me :) You're much better off showing Franklin how to play! We saw a dog like him the other day, he even had the same colouring. Hey - guess what the mailman dropped off yesterday??? Yes, your parcel! Thank you very much Reilly, your presents are awesome and well, Jessie adores your card! She looked at it with stars in her eyes... I'm a bit worried!


  7. Hi - I guess its not so bad that you didn't get to go, sounds like you wouldn't of liked it anyhow.. Are your mum and dad back yet? what did they bring you?
    your pal, Morgan


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