Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mom and Dad are home and I am SO HAPPY

Mom and dad got home very late last night but I was so happy so see them. I bounced and woofed and bounced some more and then of coarse I had to pretend I didn't really miss them all but mom knew I did because I stayed glued to her feet and where ever she went I was right there next to her. This morning when mom got up she checked the mail and guess what - there was a package for me!!!! I was so excited especially when I saw it was from Katie. Mom opened it up and look what was inside. A new squeaky sheep, a card and a bag of my favorite pretzels!!! Slobbers and lickies to Katie for getting me my most favorite treats. Here I am with my goodies and here I am playing with my sheep. Mom says it's my Honky Tonk Sheep as it honks rather then squeaks.

After I played for a while mom and dad said lets go a walk. Dog oh dog I was so excited I just about tripped the mom up trying to race to the car before her. We went to my favorite leash free park and the grass has grown so much since I was there last but luckily they had just mowed the path. I had to look this way and that to work out where to go and I had to keep a watch for those killer ducks! I saw some swimming on the lake so I knew there might be some in the grass too.

I ran way ahead to make sure it was all safe for mom and dad. And then dad and I had a game of 'skitchum' that is where I run as fast as I can and he has to try and touch me as I fly by. I am so quick though that he never does. We like to play this at home too when I race around and around the sofas. I am so happy mom and dad are home but now I am tired so I am off to have a good long nap. Woofitty woofs.


  1. We are just so pleased for you! We could tell how happy and excited you were from reading your blog!
    What a great walk too - always the best - a favourite place and favourite games.
    No wonder you are ready for a nap.
    Great present too - we have a sheep that kinda oinks rather than squeak!
    And your favourite pretzels! Katie got it just right for you.
    What a day you have had - it really doesn't get much better than that!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  2. What a great gift to get in the mail!! I love the blue sheep. Looks like a great game you play with your dad, I am not that fast so he definitely would be able to touch me. =)

  3. Katie says woofity-woof back to Reilly. Glad you like the sheep and the snack! She wanted you to have the fun of getting a box, since you do so much box mailing to all of us! Glad you're home safe.

  4. We can sure tell that you're very happy to have your mom and dad back home, Reilly!
    What a cute blue sheep!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Glad your mom and dad are back from their vacation safe and sound! We missed hearing from you, Reilly and so we're happy you can be back to blogging now with your mom's help!

  6. Oh Reilly, we're so happy for you! It's not nice when you're not with your parents, is it? And a parcel from Katie, wow. We better not tell Jessie about that...I think she likes Reilly a bit too much!


  7. WOW! What a great package you received with the mail with a blue sheep and delicate treats...yummy! Great you have mom and dad home again and what a lovely walk you had :o)


  8. We know it sure is fun getting your favorite human coming back to the pack. Our tails just wag and our lickers come out.

    If that is a Honky Tonk Sheep, would that make you an Urban Cowspot Dog? Just wandering.

    Essex & Deacon


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