Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dancing Rabbit Trail

Yesterday we went to MY Crowley's Ridge Park to check out some trails we have never been down and it was totally pawsome! We checked out the Dancing Rabbit Trail (and no - we didn't see any rabbits let alone any dancing ones :).  The trail was actually named after a Indian Princess that lived there long long ago and her name was Dancing Rabbit. Here we are at the beginning of the trail and crossing the first of the many bridges which of coarse Mom loved - I think we crossed 8 in total.

And then we came across it! A suspension bridge - Mom wasn't sure how we were going to like it as it was about 20 foot above the ground and moved with every step but we just jumped up on it and crossed it like the adventuring pro's we are. Mom said it had a weird wave like motion but we didn't even notice it.

Of coarse Mom just groaned when we reached the other side and came across this sign - "LOOP" - well we all know what that means - it is double dutch and means 'let's get lost again!' And the "moderate" which is the way we went - well it was moderate if you were a mountain goat !!!!  We can only say that sign was lucky to be standing after we returned on the loop because Mom was mighty tempted to karate kick it - luckily her legs were too tired !

This is one of the easier parts of the trail - now you are probably wondering where Dweeb is? Well we have a system when out exploring - I the INTREPID one is always out in front. Mom with camera in hand is always in the middle and Dweeb is always last - bringing up the rear. He likes to watch Mom find the easiest footing and follow her - what a wimp!

And check out this super cool fungi we came across - it was snow white and looked like either coral or snowflakes clustered together. It was only growing on the one log and we didn't see it anywhere else at all. Remember you can click on any of the pics to see them bigger.

By time we made it back to where we had parked the car near the Wishing well - we were all ready to jump in and have a nice cold spa. The lake below is the one they empty every year and fill up the next year for swimming.

Just a note about Mom - she has been going crazy the last few days taking us adventuring everywhere. See Mom is working on the philosophy of  'do it when you can' because these last couple of months have been pretty rough. She has a few good days when she feels great and then wham out of the blue something irritates her IBS and she can barely drag herself out of bed because the pain is so bad.  But we have had absolutely beautiful weather and Mom has been feeling great so we are not wasting a moment of it.


  1. Hiya Guys (and Mom) - we think that walk looks lovely and wow that white fluffy fungus stuff is something we've never seen before. So glad your mom's knees held up and she was well enough to go out in the first place. IBS is horrible isn't it!! We know someone who suffers terribly as well.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  2. Wow the fungi sure looks like snow and very pretty too. Sorry to read that mum is having bad days. We send love and hugs and so hope she has more good days than bad. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a great park! We're glad your mom is feeling somewhat better and you are all having good days!

  4. BOL Mom can't read...she thought your title was "Dancing Rabbit TAIL." We are glad it was a TRAIL! You have really beautiful places to hike! Glad Mom felt well enough to enjoy the day. That bridge looks a little scary. We don't think we would be brave enough to cross it! Have a fantastic Saturday!

    Braeden and Seth

  5. Nice walk but I do think that they were toying with you about that name. No dancing rabbits......what is this world coming to?

  6. Oh that's interesting to read about the Indian Princess named Dancing Rabbit. And how great that you posted it today on International Rabbit Day! I so agree with your mom, as long as we can we should do it. I hope your mom has a lot of good days together with you.

  7. I wanna walk there!!!! That suspension bridge is sooooo cool.

    I'm glad that your mom is feeling well, and you are getting lots of adventures. Carpe diem!

  8. What a wonderful hike Reilly!! We love your Mama's motto to get out and do it whilst you can...we are going to try and get our Mama to live by that too!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. Another fantastic adventure. Tell Mom Carpe Diem - it will be winter soon.

    We know how to make those rabbits here do a very fast dance:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Seize the moment! That looks like a wonderful trail. You sure have a lot of great trails by where you live!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Good philosophy and you're lucky you have so many beautiful places to go.

    Good idea to ignore that LOOP trail.

  12. hummmmmmmm - we're not sure about this suspension bridge. We think you guys are awfully brave! The fungi is so cool!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  13. Looks like fun. Too bad dere wasn't no bunnies.

  14. Wowsa!! What a FABulous hike guys! Good things your Moms wasn't fooled by that 'loop' thing again..fool her once...☺
    that fungi is coooool!!! almost looks like some coral Ma saw once at the beach here.
    You takes care of your Moms, okay?!
    Ruby ♥

  15. We named one of my favorite trails the bunny trail because we see wabbits there all the time.

  16. Boys what a lovely walk..and ravo to mum ..I know what it is like to get a WHAM and when it's over you can tend to push a bit to make sure mum moderates her activity...says me after a two week headache left decided painting 90 metres of pailing fence was a great thing to do :)hugs....Fozziemum xx

  17. Ah Reilly, So pleased that you is getting out and enjoying life and your Mom a lot!
    It looked like a beautiful place for a walk and I love going over bridges and things too. I bet Scamp would have been scared of that swingy one though!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  18. Thanks for the update on your mom's health. We thought she must be feeling good with all of the adventures, but understand the bad days. I for sure would NOT like the moving bridge. We have draw bridges here that move when you walk on them, from the traffic, and I don't like it! We think Dweeb is smart waiting for mom. Love Dolly

  19. We're glad the weather (and you two) are cooperating with your Mom's feel good days. We have a friend with that and it is so debilitating (not that we're telling you anything your mom doesn't know!). We also impressed you two did that suspension bridge with NO problem!

  20. I'm so glad that you are getting out and enjoying the lovely weather. I am playing catch-up on blog visiting so I'll be catching up on your week. ☺


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