Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's been a quite week

Overall it has been a quiet week, trips to the pet stores and the doggie doctor. I somehow managed to loose that halti thing that mom puts on my nose while we were on vacation (hee hee....I wonder if anyone will ever find it buried under that rock?) Darn, the mom decided to by a new one! As for the doggie doc - I am pleased to say all my tests came back normal and mom talked to Dr Boyer about them and they are in the normal normal range, not normal high or normal low. She was very pleased to hear that. Apart from that the mom hasn't felt much like doing anything this week even though I have done my best to pester into taking me walks and playing, but today I finally managed to drag the her outside for some playtime...she needed the exercise! Why she had to bring that camera thing with her....I don't know but she took these photos of me and thought it was cute that I had all different expressions (actually, I was just yawning!) I am really liking this time of year, it is not too hot and I can run around my yard without overheating and I am going to get me one of those pesky ground squirrels before they hibernate for winter. The dad is due home tonight which means tuggy time!!!!!! The dad plays the best tuggy ever! Hopefully I can convince them to go to the park this weekend.....or maybe they would like to take me back to collar-raa-do....I REALLY liked it there.


  1. I think dad's are the best for playing tuggy time! ;-)

    It's great to hear all your tests were normal normal.



  2. I have to say you are just adorable. Be good this weekend and maybe your Dad and Mom will take you somewhere really cool to play!

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend Dhugal. We will be thinking of you like you thought of us during our recent sad time in our family. Thank you so much for your thoughts & prayers. Come back and see me again some time!


  4. It is the best time of the year! I like running around when it's cool, too. And this is when I came to live here with the Mum and the Dad and that is awesome!

    You look great in your pictures super furry one don't tell where you hid that icky halti thingy!


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