Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back to the hospital again!!!!!

I am getting very confused. First my mom goes away to that hospital place for a whole week without me and when she comes homes she just sleeps and doesn't want to play. She was supposed to go there to get better but she doesn't seem "better to me". Then just when I thought things were getting back to normal she had to go back to that hospital - leaving me again and now today she has to go back again because the bleeding still hasn't stopped. I DON'T LIKE this hospital place as I KNOW for sure mom was better before she went and now she is just not happy which means I am not happy and Dad is not happy. I want to go with mom and dad today and bite this hospital thing (something I have never done before - bite something) but this hospital thing needs a good biting I think. Mom has asked "she who is never seen" to take me to the pet store today as silly mom is getting worried about ME not have time out. I forget to mention the blizard we had lad last week...over 3 days we got almost 16" of snow and with the winds blowing it, it is almost to the top of my fence in the backyard which means there is only a small area around the house for me to go out too. I am off to see if I can sneak into the back seat of the car so I can go with mom and dad.



  1. Oh Reilly - we will come and give the hospital a good biting too!!!
    We are taking a little break just cos we have so much to be doing but we will check in on your blog so you can let us know about your mom.
    We are wishing we stayed nearer and you could have come out sniffing with us - that would have taken your mind off your worries for a while.
    Try not to worry - we know the hospital is trying to make your mom well quickly in time for xmas.
    Love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  2. We're so sorry to hear that your mom had to go back to the hospital again, Reilly! Our paws are crossed that she comes home soon! We want your mom to be all better!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. See! What has I beed saying this whole time. You cannot trust them horses! Or their buildings. Next time I see one I is gonna bite it too.
    I so hope your Mom gets better soon!!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. Oh no! Your mom will be ok Reilly! She just needs a little more time to heal. We send her lots of good thoughts and warm hugs!

  5. I'm so sorry that your Mum isn't feeling well and has to go back to the hospital place thingy! I think you should bite it too and I'll come bite it in the butt with you because your Mum needs to feel better soon!

  6. Oh Reilly, this really IS confusing isn't it! Nasty hospital anyway. And too much snow on top of it all. I hope you like your walk in the pet store with the never seen one. And I really hope that your Mom doesn't have to go back anymore once they let her out. That's just not fair to think she's feeling better and then find out again and again that she's not so much better after all. Hugs to all of you!


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