Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spoke to mom on phone

I speak with my mom everyday on the phone. Dad says I sit there listening to every word even though I am a bit confused how I can hear but not see mom. Anyway mom had to have another drain thing put in last night. This is the third one and they are hoping it will help her breath easier. Moms original surgery developed a leak which meant bad stuff got into her body and caused abscesses. They had to drain these and now mom has fluid in her lungs. Mom wants nothing more than to come home and be with dad and me but dad says she has to stay there until she is 100% better. I miss my mom sooooooo much and have never been away from her so long. Mom says I have to say a special thank you to everyone as dad and and me are the only family she has here in the USA so she really appreciates all the wonderful comments


  1. We are thinking about your mom all the time, Reilly, and sending her positive and healing thoughts. Be brave and know that soon she will be home.

  2. Oh Reilly, we are so sorry to hear your poor mom is still in the hospital.
    Your Dad is right though she has to stay and get better and make sure all that nasty fluid in her lungs is clear cos that could make her ill!
    we can only imagine how much you must be missing her - these are hard times for us dogs to understand!
    You are being such a good and brave dog that we know your mom is just so proud of you.
    Just think what a great big cuddle you will get when your mom gets home!!!
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. Oh Reilly, I'm tearing up over here, it's so sad that your Mom is having so much trouble. We are getting a bit worried for her. And we know how much you miss seeing her. We just have to be hopeful that she will be better soon. Hugs to you!

  4. We want your mom home with you so badly, Reilly! We're are sending her lots of AireZen!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Now I'm a bit worried about your Mom. Sending many prayers so she can get well fast. In spite of your Mom ...hope you and your human parents will have a Happy New Year.


  6. We hope your Mum gets better soon and away from the horsepital. We sent a package your way. Let us know if you get it.

    Essex, Deacon & Dog Dad too

  7. Oh no! Does this mean Mom isn't home yet? You poor dear dog! I hope things get much better quick!

  8. Hi Reilly, so sorry we only got around to reading your blog today because our Mama hasn't been well either, although she didn't have to go to the big bad horse-pital. Reilly, don't worry, your Mama will NEVER forget you and we know that the thought of you being there for here will give her so much more strength. We keep our paws crossed and say a prayer for your Mom!

    We love you!!!

    Josh and Jessie


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