Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Words from mom

Dad took mom the iPod so she could write a message. They are now thinking it will be Thursday or Friday before she can come home. Mom has yet another infection that they are going to drain today. Mom has been having a lot of bad days and I know she needs me and I don't think it's right that they won't let me see her. Against my better judgment I even let my dad give me a bath in the hope he would take me to see mom. Dad says I must be getting stressed to as for the first time ever I actually gave a little growl when dad put me in the tub. I just want yo know why is this hospital place keeping my mom and why if it's supposed to make her better is she getting worse? I have a plan though I think I need all my buddies and we will plan a mom~napping. We can go in disguised as stuffies, hook our leads to the bed and everyone will think we are sled dogs. I don't think anyone will notice us zooming down the hallways. Will you help save my mom and bring her home?


  1. Hi Reilly! Hope your mom is home and everything is OK!

  2. Count us in Reilly! We make good stuffies and we already helped Santa pull his sleigh so we are more than ready.
    The other thing is some of us could act as decoys - you know distract the staff just by our usual looking cute stuff.
    Then the rest should have a clear getaway!
    We are not surprised to hear you gave a growl - we are growling all the way over here!
    It is just not fair!
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. Yes, Reilly, count me in! I am only 15 pounds but I'm strong! I am really hoping your mom gets better for good soon!!!!!!!

  4. We are totally in and we are told we are good at that break and entering and thieving thing.

  5. Sorry to hear that your Mom still are in the hospital. Hope she soon will feel so much better so she can come home to you and your dad.

    Reilly's Mom, I hope you'll soon feel better!


  6. We're in, Reilly! You can count on us! We want your mom home with you and your dad!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Hey Reilly! My previous note was before I knew all of this new news!

    I'll send Katie to work your sled dog plot! She weighs 19 pounds and runs really fast! Together you'll get your mom out of that bad place!

  8. Uggghhhh, Riley this is so terrible! Our mom was sick last year and was at the "hop-doo" a lot. She was very sad and missed us lots. But our other mom (her mom; shes not old enough to be a grandma!) took us in to see her. She snuck us in on a quiet day and we had 15 whole mins. while the security guard let us visit. It was very nice. Maybe you can sneak in there too...
    We wish you and your mom and dad the best; we hope she gets better soon!!!
    Sheltie HUGS,
    Heidi and Shelby (and Sheltie-Mom Jenn)

  9. Me and my Mum are super worried about your Mum... :(

  10. Yea Reilly, all you need is a hat, some glasses and a fake nose! You can sneak in !


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