Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How rude!!!!

Mom and I went out this morning to pay some bills and on the way back we stopped at the big lake to have a walk. All the grass has now turned brown and it all looks rather bleak again - not that I minded because smells never smell bleak! We didn't walk for very long as it is very cold and the wind coming off the water made it seem even colder - I thought it was just perfect but mom only had a thin coat on and she has some bruised ribs from an x-ray thing they did yesterday so she wasn't enjoying it as much as me. We also stopped in at PetSmart on the way home and I was having a lovely time sniffing around and checking out all the treats and toys. Mom let me get a box of cookies and a bag of treats! When we got the checkout there was a lady there and you know what she said? She said I reminded her of the furry walking coffee table in the "Beauty and the Beast Movie". How rude is that !!! Do I look like a coffee table to you ??? And if that wasn't bad enough, then she said what a "horrible dog I would be to have - with all that fur shedding everywhere". Mom was not happy and just about had steam coming out of her ears because it wasn't so much what the lady said, it was the mean way she said it. Mom says we will send a letter to Santa and ask him if the Reindeer can shed all over her carpet BOL.



  1. Why would a lady that works at a pet store be so mean? She should've kept her thoughts to herself, that's for sure!

  2. Hi Reilly, we meet silly humans all the time!
    You look nothing like a coffee table and are adorable!
    We are sorry your mom is feeling a bit sore and hope she heals up soon so she is back to enjoying her walks.
    It is very cold though - you have the perfect coat for this weather!
    Tell your mom to wrap up warm - make sure you enjoy your treats - you are a very lucky dog.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. There are to many rude people in the world. You will meet some of them once in a while :o( You doesn't looks like a coffee table....you are a very beautiful sheltie and a lot more intelligent then this foolish cashier. Hope as you and your Mom that Santa will let the Reindeer shed all over her carpet...why not the hole house ;o))))


  4. What a horrible lady!
    Well, I doesn't think she even knows what she talking about. Cos when Mum got a grooming demonstration of my dog dad's pawrent she said our tops should be like a table.
    Sorry your Mum be sore!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  5. Wow, she was really rude!!! You have a beautiful coat, wish mine was fuller, BOL!!

    Hey you need to enter that fun contest for that shower thingy. It looks fun! I wanna see your bath pic :)

  6. Since we have six Siberian Huskies, I get all sorts of comments like "I would never have Huskies - they shed to much." My reply, with a big smile, is always "Well, that is why there are so many breeds of dogs to chose from."

  7. Oh Reilly don't worry your pretty little head over her...she was just jealous because her dog will never be as stunning as you and you should have said that if you looked like a coffee table then she looked like a WIDE screened T.V.!!No,No...don't be rude...I'll be rude for you. ;)

  8. A furry walking coffee table???? How rude is that!!!! The worst thing anyone ever said to us was that we had faces like a fox but being compared to a coffee table... grrrrrh!!!!! Jessie is of course sending some extra growls with this comment... such a rude lady!

    Love, Josh and Jess

  9. Silly lady probably doesn't like her job at the pet store! Probably won't be there long either...

    You are NOTHING like a coffee table! You are warm and fuzzy and happy and soft and..well you get it.

    And you don't shed all over either! GEEZE! We all know that shelties are PERFECT!!

    We hope your Mom feels lots better by now too!

  10. What a rude comment. I get those all the time too, "oh, you could ride that thing" As if!



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