Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Easy as 1,2,3 or 10-20-30

Like so many Mom and Dad's out there - my Mom is always on the quest for the 'perfect picture' and as you are all frustratingly aware it is never easy - especially when you have more then one dog. So again Mom takes dozens of picture in the hopes of getting just one that was right.

In the first one, Denny was being silly and I just closed my eyes at his antics. In the second one I was looking at Mom - Denny was watching an ant ! But finally you think - look at photo's 3 and 4 - are they not perfect?????

Well actually.......they were after Mom photo-shopped in my open eyes. In both of these shots I really had my eyes closed. Mom took the eyes from photo 2 and pasted them in to photo's 3 and 4! ****THAT IS CHEATING MOM !**** Mom says she had to, she just loved us with our crossed paws (ewwwww puppy cooties - I am going to have to disinfect my leg!) So NO the REAL perfect picture is still eluding her - but no doubt she will keep trying and no doubt so will we - trying her patience that is - gawoof gawoof! PSSSSS it took Mom 43 photos to get these 4 - and she says it's our fault! We know a bad camera-mom when we see one :)


  1. If you wanted a good dog group photo tip- Try getting on the ground, so the camera is level with the dog's eyes. Use a harmonica to make a sudden noise, which will most of the time cause every dog in the picture to perk ears, open eyes, and look right at the camera.

  2. Woof! Woof! Oh it is not your fault. My mom takes photos of me all the time ... i'm used to it. It takes time ... the 4 photos turn out to be great. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. We feel your mom's pain! Hold out for treats, boys! The ones on our blog today took 2 humans - one human with BEEF JERKY and one with the flashy beast. Only the Woo's are well enough behaved for group shots. Kiss-ups!!

    Keep making her work!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  4. You two look like you are holding paws with your crossed paws. It is adorable.

  5. LOL - At least your two pups will touch each other. My shots are all about angle - I have to shoot to make it look like Sam and Monty are within two feet of each other!


  6. Wow! Your mom has some mad photoshop skillz! I always pose for photos (the price for being a supermodel) but Dunc is HORRID! He'll look away, close his eyes or just run off. Amateur! :)

    That is a cute photo, even if he is touching you! :)

  7. Katie starting to look away now...too much time has elapsed since she got treats for sitting pretty I guess. No treats, no looky, according to her. You guys holding paws is just adorable! (Sorry Reilly, it IS adorable!)

  8. Reilly and Denny, your Mum has more patience than me. And she's better at photoshop too.

  9. Mom says the secret to one good picture is to take a hundred pictures at one sitting. There's bound to be one decent one in the mix!!

    Boondock and The Love Shack Pack

  10. My daddy makes silly noises and puppy noises (whimpers) if i'm not looking at the camera and then I look straight away!


    Luna xo

  11. Only 43? That's not bad for a puppy! Must admit I've never photoshopped eyes in before, but I have been known to blot out drool from time to time. :)

  12. This story sounds VERY familiar! The best part is that you get fed lots of treats while you're working for those 43 pictures, right! We never see a bad picture of two of you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. OH.. We have such trouble here, too, with pictures. I have to say, you guys are handsome!

    Arooo! Stuart

  14. The 4th photo is my favorite! It is awesome even if your eyes were photoshopped, Reilly!

  15. Your secret is safe with me. Excellent job with the photoshop, but be sure to wash your paws after that accidental contact with THING.


  16. You can photo shop eyes? How cool is that!

    Loev the last one where your paws are crossed over each other.


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