Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Mesage From My Mom

Ten years ago on September 9th my Mom left Australia - flying 16 hours straight to come and be with my Dad. He met her in San Francisco and because of the time zone difference she arrived on September 9th. Dad and she spent the next day in San Francisco enjoying the sights and just being happy to be together again. (Dad had been to Australia previously) On the evening of September 10th they flew to Detroit where my Dad was working. Mom was still a little jet lagged and slept in the next morning. She woke about 10.30 on September 11 and turned on the TV while she ironed some clothes to wear. What happened next is something we ALL remember.

For Mom and Dad it was very bitter/sweet in the weeks following. They had so many plans, things they wanted to see and do, things they wanted to enjoy and yet part of them felt guilty. While on one hand they were so happy to be together, they also felt so sad at what had happened. Dad being Military wonder if he would get called back, what he could do to help and what he would do about Mom. They thought constantly about all the people who lost their lives, all the people whose lives were changed forever that day and for the AMAZING hero's who found the strength to battle all the odds to save and rescue people. Mom thought about all the children who would missing a parent, a grandparent or a brother or sister. She thought about all the wives and husbands who would be missing the loves of their life - knowing they would never get to hug them one more time - or whisper those words "I love you" to them. Mom hung her head in quiet reflection every day for the following month - just a few minutes - praying for those who were so sad and in pain and giving thanks for the small bit of happiness she and Dad we able to have.

So today like EVERYONE - we remember - all the heroes of that day - including the wonderful 4 footed ones - you will NEVER EVER be forgotten.

This is a sad video to watch - but please do as out of 300 doggies that helped that day - there are now only 12 left alive. If you are wondering why so few - it is simply because many of the dogs were already 4 years and older at the time and sadly we know our wonderful companions do not live as long as we do. Big hugs and woofitty woofs to everyone today. Sorry for the loud commercial at the beginning, once you get past that it is truly beautiful.



  1. Oh Reilly, we all will have that day etched in our minds - and the many, many feelings we had - for as long as we live. Guess your mom decided she made the right choice, eh? So glad you came along...:-)

  2. WE were going to do a post today and My Jamie was going to tell about her four footed friends that served in the after math of 9/11 but we found we were not able to leave it on the post.

    Most of our friends that went there (The K-9 ones) died within five years of the experience from fast growing cancers and upper respiriatory disease.

    We feel blessed yet cursed that we had to say no when asked to respond. Blessed that my dear Jamie is still with me and cursed that we were not able to be of help during that awful time.

    Thank you for your post. We have loved reading everyone's memories of that time.

    Bless you for your love

    Berts My Vickie

  3. This has been the toughest day to get through with all of the remembrance ceremonies on TV. Your post is wonderful!

  4. We remember. It twas truly a sad day, that changed so many things.

  5. Beautiful tribute to some amazing heroes!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  6. We will never forget, Reilly. My agility instructor also trains search and rescue dogs; her two are trained as cadavour dogs. She knew quite a few of the recuers at the WTC.

  7. Lovely, sad, haunting. Such a day we all remember. May there never be another like it. Hugs to you and your Mom and Dad.

  8. Oh Reilly, this is such a touching post. We did see this video...and those dogs were heroes too!!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  9. Thank you for posting - I hadn't seen that one, and it's impossible to watch without a box of tissue handy.

  10. I'm kind of worried about watching the video...too many tears about that whole things... but it will never be forgotten. My peep was laid off from Her job that day, but always felt that it was a such small thing compared to the bigger picture of people losing their lives and loved ones. A job can be replaced. People and furry loved ones cannot.

    Roo, Stuart


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