Friday, September 9, 2011

Just for Dawn and Katie

Mom took us to the lake today - she was feeling a bit sad about the "IT" leaving (personally I don't know why????) but I wasn't going to grumble because it meant we got to have a nice long and quiet walk. Mom said couldn't help thinking about Dawn and Katie today and how much they would both love to go on a walk like this. So this little video is for you and anyone else who just needs to take a break, breath in some fresh air and enjoy a little bit of nature. It was a little windy so the video is a little noisy and the 7 year circada's are out and they are VERY noisy - we will be glad when they depart for another 7 years :) But there is also some nice birdies chirping in the back ground and it is pretty by the lake.



  1. You have such nice places to go for walks.

  2. What a lovely walk! Just what Katie and I needed! Both your boys walk so nice on a leash. How old is Denny now?

  3. Looks like you guys had a great walk. :)


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