Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lightening Strikes Twice

Gawoof gawoof !! Poor mom has been trying all day to get a photo of the three of us - you know, me the handsome one - "IT" and "THING" 37 photo's later she decided to give up.

Why you wonder?
One of us would move at the last second - blur.
One of us would move at the last second - butt shot.
One of us would yawn - tonsil shot!
One of would sneeze at the last moment - slobber all over the camera lens shot!
One of would be looking away
Two of us would be looking away
Three of us would be looking away.

I think you are getting the idea and Mom being Mom - she is such a perfectionist she wanted a "GOOD" photo - ain't going to happen Mom!!! Anyway - she suddenly noticed that she hadn't turned over the calander page this morning and when she did look what she saw - we thought the Woo's would enjoy it - kinda reminds one of Lightening but it looks like this little chap has a touch of brown around his eyes. That is Mom's thumb in the picture - she even had trouble getting this photograph because of the light reflecting off it - do you think maybe it's just the Mom who is a bad photographer and not us as fault - we are all PERFECT boys after all !!!!


  1. BOL! Please see our post yesterday!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. How cool! And it's always the photographer's fault you know. You guys are just perfect gentlemen.

  3. OH gosh, that looks a lot like Ciara as a pup, except she used to have goggles. Thanks for posting that. We didn't even try to get pics today, so very hot here, all we wanted to do was sleep.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Maybe professional photographers deserve their high fees?

  5. Denny, how you've changed!!! BOL
    Had us worried there for a minute, buddy!!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  6. I've been having the same problem! There is always someone blinking, twitching, or looking slightly drugged. Juggling dogs just isn't a talent of mine. But keep trying! Maybe you'll succeed before me!

  7. My husband says to send him the individual photos, and he will photoshop them all together!


  8. It does look like Lightening! Our mama has the very same problems with the camera!! BOL! Xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  9. It has to be your mom's fault about the photos - you guys are so cute and innocent that it couldn't be you!

  10. We had to doublecheck to make sure we were at the right blog! You had us goin' for a minute there, Denny!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. I soooo understand, and I only have TWO to capture!

  12. Post those outtakes! We wanna see!


  13. Mommy loves the pics of me winking. ;)

    Woofs & hugs for a great holiday! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  14. In the 70s, yay! It was so beastly muggy here yesterday, but todaythe rain has cooled the temps down finally! Love your calendar page - What a cutie!!! Thanks for sharing!


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