Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh My Dog !!! - We DID IT !

We are so proud of our Mom! Today we did the FULL 2.4 miles lap around the lake !!!! Considering Mom could barely walk when we moved to Arkansas and she has no stomach muscles and her back is all messed up - this was a HUGE achievement for her. Of coarse we 'boys' just took in our stride !!! SSShhhhhh - Don't tell Mom but my dogness are we ever tired!!

We followed the "chit-chat" walk right around the lakes edge - which we have renamed the Reilly and Denny Walk (see the light blue) Yes !!! even the little guy did it !!!! It is 80% under the trees so was nice and cool and yes I did stop every now again (pretending to sniff) just so Mom and "THING" could have a little rest.

At the moment the park people are "trying" to prevent the Canadian geese from stopping. They have been making such a mess and even attacking people so now they are using these loud gun things to scare them away. You can see how well it is working !!! Of coarse it did scare the be-gee-bees out of the "THING" (okay Mom) the Denny - well actually it scared the breakfast right out of him. They set it off twice fairly close to us and it frightened him so much he threw up his breakfast ! What a wooz!!! Do you see the goose in this first picture - it has the body colorings of the Canadian goose but a white head. And in the second photo - there is a pair of white geese with their babies.

Then Mom took a couple of "scenery shots" just because she thought they looked pretty. I am like "Mom - who cares about pretty - they want to see me and hear about all the great smells." Of coarse with all the sniffing going on - the only shots she could get were of our butts - gawoof gawoof.

We are not sure - but we also thought we saw a beaver amongst all these tree roots in water. There are some mighty big catfish in this lake that tend to splash around a lot but what we saw actually jumped off the log into the water and unless some silly old cat fish was sun bathing we think it might of been an elusive beaver. We also noticed a couple of trees that had been freshly "chomped". We are going to check into this some more. And finally - check it out everyone - FALL colors already!!!! And FALL means cooler weather and cooler weather means MORE walks. Gotta love that! Oh and I got to chase a squirrel - dag-nabbit just one more foot of lead and I would have had it - so close !!



  1. You guys are really helping Mom to get out more. I am sure she appreciates her dog coaches.

  2. Bwavo fow youw Mom
    That is pawsome!!!
    Mommi would have collapsed aftew an eighth of that(but then Mommi is ancient so she has a little excoose, hehehe)

    those pictoowes awe bootiful
    smoochie kisses

  3. We know just what you mean about those corn guns going off. The farmers use them here and it sounds like a battlefield when we go for walkies! Gosh, we can never get used to that noise! Poor Denny!
    Congratulations to your mom! That's a huge accomplishment!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Wow! That's a long ways! I don't think Katie would do 2.4 Miles. We did 2 miles once and had to rest a bunch and she really wanted me to carry her. She's such a princess. You guys did GREAT! It looks really beautiful too.

  5. You are the best personal trainer ever! It is so much easier to work with a training partner. Hooray for all of you.


  6. Way to go, coaches!! Oh and you, too, Bree!!

  7. Congratulations to your mom!!! It is absolutely awesome that she could walk you so far!!!

  8. Congratulations on the big walk!

    Great to hear how much you are helping your mom! :D

    Luna xo

  9. That's so wonderful -- congrats to your mommy!!

    I LOVED all your photos -- that looks like a really nice place to be! :)

    Woofs & hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  10. Way to go!! A few more times and maybe you can venture to another color! Although I might stay on the water/beaver/critter trail too, minus the geese!

  11. Congrats Dog Mum, we are so very proud and happy for you.

    Essex & Sherman

  12. That is AWESOME! Way TO GO! Dogs make the best fitness coaches, don't we. I have the Mama in training right now too. We're blogging about getting ft with Fido and giving away great prizes - our challenge last week was a walking challenge! You should check it out!


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